Country Rankings for Australia

This country has 2011 players active in the rankings system.

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Paul Jones AUS

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Brett Goodwin
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Peter Watt
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Richard Rhodes

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Robert Macauley

Country Rank Name Location Overall Rank Points Best Tournament (last 3 years)
1st Paul Jones AUS 94th 365.96 Brisbane Masters - 1st
2nd Brett Goodwin Newcastle 102nd 351.03 Pre-Pinburgh Tournament - 1st
3rd Peter Watt NSW 124th 323.29 Australian Pinball Expo Championship - 1st
4th Richard Rhodes 141st 305.5 Batcave Masters - 1st
5th Robert Macauley Adelaide 155th 291.99 Brisbane Masters - 1st
6th Jason Lambert Brisbane 207th 248.11 Brisbane Masters - 6th
7th Greg GEE 234th 233.4 BM Flip Frenzy Sunday - 2nd
8th Greg Siegele Adelaide 274th 210.72 Batcave Masters - 2nd
9th Jordan Tredaway 275th 210.68 Melbourne Matchplay Championship - 1st
10th Grant Quinn Brisbane, QLD 281st 208.73 ACS Strikes Tournament - 2nd
11th Steve Edwards Newcastle 332nd 184.63 Australian Pinball Championship - 1st
12th Grant Stephens Adelaide 349th 179.32 Pukekohe Classics Classic - 1st
13th Mitchell Setschnjak Gold Coast, QLD 350th 179.3 Flipswitch - 1st
14th Luke Marburg Melbourne, VIC 358th 176.54 QLD Pinball Open - 2nd
15th Andrew Ferguson Sydney, NSW 380th 169.4 Batcave Masters - 2nd
16th Johnny Crabtree Melbourne 388th 166.09 ACS Flip Frenzy - 1st
17th Rob Singh Gold Coast, QLD 401st 162.44 System 11 World Championship - 4th
18th Russell Dagger 402nd 162.36 Brisbane Masters - 3rd
19th Corey Hamilton Ipswich 430th 155.42 Flipswitch - 1st
20th Chris Jennings Brisbane 431st 155.06 Flipswitch - 1st
21st Martin Robbins 435th 154.53 Peacock Inn Pinball Allstars - 1st
22nd John Hutchinson Brisbane 443rd 151.78 Brisbane Masters - 3rd
23rd Matthew Venables 453rd 150.31 System 11 World Championship - 2nd
24th Tony Woods Brisbane 469th 146.46 Cooly Flip Frenzy #1 - 1st
25th Tom Casey 481st 144.75 Amusement Worx PinGolf Tournament - 1st
26th Pat Nichols Sydney, NSW 531st 131.13 Death By Pinball - 1st
27th Michi Henning Brisbane, QLD 550th 127.74 BM 3-Strikes - 4th
28th Marc Bell Camden 567th 124.54 Batcave Masters - 1st
29th Paul Reid Sydney 637th 112.29 Pinball HQ Masters - 1st
30th Tim Chapman Newtown 640th 112.04 System 11 World Championship - 2nd
31st Chris Wade Brisbane 680th 106.85 BM Flip Frenzy Sunday - 4th
32nd Jasen Mouritsen Gold Coast, QLD 692nd 105.53 Batcave Masters - 4th
33rd Stuart Thornton Melbourne, VIC 728th 101.02 Brisbane Masters - 2nd
34th Hugh Dickson Brisbane, QLD 738th 98.86 Brisbane Flip Frenzy - 1st
35th Brian Boxy Schleibs Melbourne 745th 98.19 Brunswick Brawlers League Final - 1st
36th John Cosson Gold Coast 764th 96.06 Kiwi Pincade Pinball Championship - Auckland - 2nd
37th Zack Foster Brisbane 770th 95.42 GCPC League - 1st
38th Gavin Drogemuller Beenleigh, QLD 775th 94.86 Flipswitch - 2nd
39th Warren Beetham Ipswich, QLD 781st 94.48 BM 3-Strikes - 10th
40th Peter Milner Adelaide 844th 87.51 Adelaide Super League - 1st
41st Stacey Borg Melbourne, VIC 858th 86.55 Melbourne Silverball League - 1st
42nd Matthew Owen 862nd 85.87 Amusement Worx Pinball Tournament - 1st
43rd James Angliss Brisbane 957th 76.99 Brisbane Masters - 2nd
44th Michael Kerylidis 980th 75.46 Amusement Worx Pinball Tournament - 1st
45th Nicolas Noben Brisbane, QLD 997th 74.25 BM Flip Frenzy Saturday - 8th
46th Mark Tibbetts Sydney 1000th 73.98 System 11 World Championship - 1st
47th Tim Walle NSW 1029th 72.44 BM Flip Frenzy Sunday - 2nd
48th David Loewy Sydney, NSW 1049th 71.3 Pinball HQ Marathon - 1st
49th Nick Hamhougias Melbourne 1059th 70.6 Brunswick Brawlers League Final - 1st
50th Reon Seeney 1114th 67.67 Australian Pinball League NSW Season Final - 2nd
51st Lou Martire Adelaide 1157th 64.96 Adelaide Pinball Tournament - 2nd
52nd Dirk Booy Brisbane, QLD 1199th 62.83 Brisbane Masters - 11th
53rd Marcus Sezonov Rosstown 1231st 60.96 Batcave Masters - 4th
54th Geoff Wills Melbourne 1261st 59.3 Melbourne Silverball League - 2nd
55th Martin Snicer 1290th 57.88 Pinball HQ Masters - 1st
56th Naiomi Goodwin Newcastle 1291st 57.87 Australian Pinball Expo Championship - 3rd
57th Wal Dickie Victoria 1308th 57.33 ACS Flip Frenzy - 7th
58th Oliver Dickson Brisbane, QLD 1311th 57.18 BM 3-Strikes - 6th
59th Travis Bishop Brisbane City, QLD 1313th 57.09 Netherworld Flip Frenzy - 1st
60th Nathan Clissold Sydney, NSW 1326th 56.63 Batcave Masters - 5th
61st Greg McMahon 1336th 56.4 Coogee Flip Frenzy - 1st
62nd Luke French 1394th 53.97 Brisbane Masters - 14th
63rd Matthew Hetherington Gold Coast 1425th 52.89 BM Flip Frenzy Saturday - 11th
64th Terry Hunt Narara 1474th 50.79 Australian Pinball Expo Championship - 6th
65th Thibaut Allender Brisbane, QLD 1498th 50.01 Brisbane Masters - 14th
66th Chris Eccles 1533rd 48.31 Brisbane Flip Frenzy - 5th
67th Adam Clarke AUS 1536th 48.22 Brisbane Masters - 13th
68th Gino Thimios 1539th 48.08 Netherworld Flip Frenzy - 1st
69th Jonathan Chabowski 1561st 47.19 Pin-Golf at Netherworld - 1st
70th John Pansini Sydney, NSW 1566th 47.02 Z-Ball Pinball Comp Final #TEN - 1st
71st John Ebejer 1605th 45.43 Melbourne Silverball League - 4th
72nd Adam Dutton 1614th 45.21 BM 3-Strikes - 15th
73rd Alex Nunn Frankston, VIC 1671st 43.19 Bayside Pinball Club Monthly Tournament - 1st
74th William Gill Sydney, NSW 1681st 42.88 BM Flip Frenzy Sunday - 8th
75th Chris Watt Gold Coast, QLD 1716th 41.81 ACS Pin-Golf - 4th
76th Zac Veron 1729th 41.38 Pukekohe Classics Classic - 6th
77th Tim Wolyncevic 1736th 41.11 Ipswich Super League - 3rd
78th Daniel Luth Melbourne 1747th 40.77 Melbourne Silverball League - 2nd
79th Derek Broadfoot 1774th 40.09 Brisbane Pinball Club Tournament - 1st
80th Nathan Brant Brisbane, QLD 1798th 39.5 Brisbane Pinball Club Monthly Tournament - 3rd
81st Alex McClarty Townsville City, QLD 1807th 39.28 Pukekohe Classics Classic - 4th
82nd Rob Milla Townsville, QLD 1809th 39.25 North Qld Tropical Winter Pinball Carnival - Townsville Pinball Open - 1st
83rd Michael Costalos Adelaide, SA 1827th 38.78 Adelaide Group MatchPlay Tournament - 1st
84th Andre Thomson 1852nd 38 Australian Pinball Museum - Group Matchplay - 1st
85th Simon Baird 1853rd 37.99 Gold Coast Pinball Grotto Tournament - 1st
86th Andrew Heitmann Adelaide 1881st 37.21 Batcave Masters - 10th
87th Emily Cosson Gold Coast, QLD 1887th 37.08 BM Flip Frenzy Sunday - 5th
88th Matt Usher Gold Coast 1888th 37.07 Brisbane Masters - 12th
89th Peter Nash 1946th 35.75 Western Wizards Monthly Tournament - 1st
90th Tim Freedman Adelaide 1948th 35.74 Adelaide Pinball Tournament - 2nd
91st David James Brisbane 2045th 33.79 Club Greenslopes Pinball Marathon - 2nd
92nd Stephen Vari 2046th 33.78 Amusement Worx Pinball Competition - 1st
93rd Jacob Paint Stones Corner, Brisbane 2047th 33.78 Pin-Golf at Netherworld - 2nd
94th Evan Lathouras Adelaide 2071st 33.22 Batcave Masters - 3rd
95th Warwick Pearce Sydney, NSW 2073rd 33.1 Batcave Masters - 3rd
96th David Cacic Brisbane 2120th 32.27 Brisbane Pinball Club Tournament - 4th
97th Michelle Clark 2121st 32.25 The Beer Is On Us - 2nd
98th Hollie Mills Gold Coast, QLD 2137th 31.86 GCPC League - 6th
99th Kirsty Watt Gold Coast 2170th 31.15 GCPC League - 1st
100th Daniel Figgis Gold Coast, QLD 2171st 31.13 GCPC League - 2nd