Country Rankings for Norway

This country has 487 players active in the rankings system.

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Reidar Spets

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Morten Søbyskogen
Oslo, Osl
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Kim Degerth
Oslo, Osl
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Espen Andresen

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Frank Nilsen
Trondheim, Trø
Country Rank Name Location Overall Rank Points Best Tournament (last 3 years)
1st Reidar Spets 117th 695.29 Borås Pinball Open - 6th
2nd Morten Søbyskogen Oslo, Osl 329th 393.01 ECS Switzerland - 5th
3rd Kim Degerth Oslo, Osl 413th 344.88 Borås Pinball Open - 12th
4th Espen Andresen 418th 343.20 Expo flipOUT! Classics - 20th
5th Frank Nilsen Trondheim, Trø 435th 336.44 Kristiansand Pinball Open: Mai - 1st
6th Henrik Friden Oslo, Osl 570th 282.29 KPO24: Main - 11th
7th Thomas Stenbäck 788th 227.14 XMAS Matchplay Open Main 2023 - 1st
8th Torkel Husom Bergen, Ves 798th 225.26 Kristiansand Pinball Open: Mai - 2nd
9th Kjetil Bauer Seeberg Oslo, Osl 801st 224.67 Borås Pinball Classic Open 202 - 5th
10th Atle Holden Sauda, Rog 925th 201.06 KPO24: Main - 14th
11th Olav Hjelmstadstuen Oslo, Osl 1120th 174.40 Borås Pinball Open - 7th
12th Bent Broklev 1325th 149.31 Borås Pinball Open - 5th
13th Per Sindre Larsen Trondheim, Sor 1364th 145.48 Kristiansand Pinball Open: Mai - 4th
14th Svein Tjeldflåt Oslo, Osl 1518th 133.33 KPO24: Main - 14th
15th Tormod Pettersen 1541st 131.22 Norwegian Championship Series - 2nd
16th Øyvind Møll Trondheim, Tro 1604th 126.48 Kristiansand Pinball Open: Mai - 5th
17th Solfrid Nordmark 1758th 115.11 Kristiania Flipperselskap Mont - 1st
18th Bjørn Erlend Hellem Oslo 1779th 113.74 Norwegian Championship Series - 3rd
19th Daniel Hedblom Oslo, Osl 1876th 108.29 KPO24: Main - 17th
20th Sigurd Aftret Mørtvedt Oslo 1895th 107.36 NCS Warmup Tournament - 2nd
21st Øzger kocdemir 1933rd 104.57 Borås Pinball Open - 15th
22nd Trond Vegard Olsen 2053rd 97.99 KPO24: Stern Army Event - 8th
23rd Kjell Erik Husom Bergen, Hor 2258th 87.42 UK Pinball Classic - 19th
24th Vegard Klykken Oslo, Osl 2294th 85.61 KPO24: Main - 24th
25th Tom-Andre Andersen 2592nd 74.43 KPO24: Early Bird Strikes - 15th
26th Sigurd Husom 2729th 70.04 BPO Classic (inc. 80's) - 1st
27th Per Bryhne Oslo, Osl 2776th 68.89 KPO24: Stern Army Event - 3rd
28th Trygve Gundersen 3054th 60.75 Kristiansand Pinball Open: Ste - 9th
29th Simen Dørum 3105th 59.43 KPO24: Early Bird Strikes - 9th
30th Vegard Stengrundet 3342nd 54.22 XMAS Matchplay Open 2021 - 2nd
31st Thomas Nilsen 3511th 50.76 KPO24: Sunday Funday - 4th
32nd Simen Lunde Oslo, Osl 3613th 49.21 Kristiania Flipperselskap Mont - 1st
33rd Jimmy Wiklund Oslo, Osl 3654th 48.61 Kristiania Flipperselskap Mont - 2nd
34th Ulf Rokkan 3709th 47.47 KPO24: Main - 34th
35th Maartje Romijn 3790th 45.88 The Swedish Championships - 24th
36th Tore Flatebø Bergen, Hor 3843rd 44.91 Norwegian Championship Series - 4th
37th Jo Arve Furland Lesund, Mør 3930th 43.42 KPO24: Main - 51st
38th Michael Niesar 4170th 39.60 Borås Pinball Classic Open - 6th
39th Frode Gundersen Kristiansand, Agd 4484th 35.62 Kristiansand Pinball Open: Mai - 23rd
40th Haakon Galaasen 4692nd 33.31 KPO24: Stern Army Event - 10th
41st Kurt Johansen 4768th 32.59 HighScore Monthly Tournament N - 1st
42nd Knut Slang 4769th 32.58 XMAS Matchplay Open Warmup 202 - 6th
43rd Jens Olav Bakkland 4876th 31.49 HighScore-Monthly Pinball Tour - 1st
44th Even Gran 5107th 29.25 Norwegian Championship Series - 5th
45th Torstein Bjørnstad Oslo 5355th 26.96 XMAS Matchplay Main Tournament - 4th
46th Julian Sæther 5485th 25.66 KPO24: Main - 37th
47th Diyar Kocdemir 5835th 23.10 OktoberPinfest 2023 - 6th
48th Oyvind Lindahl Svarstad 5846th 23.05 KPO24: Main - 48th
49th Lars Haukli Oslo, Osl 5967th 22.17 Kristiania Flipperselskap Mont - 2nd
50th Trond Bellkasmi 6740th 17.75 KPO24: Main - 65th
51st Roar Winther Bergen, Ves 6817th 17.37 BFK månedsturnering - 1st
52nd Liv Vedseberg 7079th 16.33 KPO24: Main - 72nd
53rd Håkon Puntervold 7127th 16.13 Kristiansand Pinball Open: Mai - 28th
54th Sølve Nicolay Thobro Lauvås 7232nd 15.69 BFK månedsturnering - 2nd
55th Bård S. Larsen Bergen, Ves 7712th 13.87 BFK månedsturnering - 1st
56th Johan Lundström 7717th 13.86 XMAS Matchplay Main Tournament - 8th
57th Oscar Friden 7824th 13.48 KPO24: Early Bird Strikes - 42nd
58th Øyvind Repvik 7871st 13.30 September Pinball Månedsturner - 1st
59th Hogne Nordal Seljestokken Bergen, Ves 7874th 13.28 BPO Main - 4th
60th Maya Heimdal 7961st 12.93 HighScore Winter Holiday Tourn - 2nd
61st Bror Voldner 8119th 12.46 Tilt Flipperturnering Matchpla - 1st
62nd Andreas Calkin Hansen 8159th 12.35 Stern Army månadstävling Polle - 1st
63rd Dean Pepshi 8167th 12.34 HighScore Monthly Tournament M - 1st
64th Liv-Marion Flatebø Bergen, Hor 8529th 11.17 Kristiania Flipperselskap Mont - 5th
65th Nina Wallin 9027th 9.90 Kristiania Flipperselskap Mont - 5th
66th Lisbeth Moen 9084th 9.73 BFK månedsturnering - 4th
67th Thomas Thunold 9099th 9.70 BPO Main - 7th
68th Valemon Sending 9332nd 9.16 KPO24: Stern Army Event - 39th
69th Maria Vesterdal Hasund 9551st 8.70 KPO24: Early Bird Strikes - 33rd
70th Martin Mørch 9994th 7.94 KPO24: Main - 77th
71st Magnus Bakken 10177th 7.63 XMAS Matchplay Main Tournament - 5th
72nd Tue Bundgaard 10252nd 7.52 Kristiansand Pinball Open: Mai - 43rd
73rd Vidar Andersen 10440th 7.20 KPO24: Main - 68th
74th Mia Gundersen Kristiansand, Agd 10479th 7.15 Kristiansand Pinball Open: Str - 29th
75th Thomas Bugaj 10483rd 7.14 BFK månedsturnering - 5th
76th Fingar Bøen Oslo, Osl 10585th 6.97 Flipperturnering på tilt - 3rd
77th Joachim Froholt 10774th 6.67 KPO24: Stern Army Event - 25th
78th Jonny Justvik 10816th 6.62 KPO24: Sunday Funday - 13th
79th Sigurd Holter 11245th 6.04 KPO24: Main - 75th
80th Stephan Gaassand 11349th 5.90 BFK månedsturnering - 2nd
81st Aina Glad 11576th 5.60 The Swedish Championships - 88th
82nd Bjørn Holter Oslo 12273rd 4.80 Tilt Matchplay 09.22 - 5th
83rd Kristoffer Fleddum 12344th 4.73 Kristiansand Pinball Open: Mai - 35th
84th Knut Birkeland 12513th 4.55 Februar Classic turnering 2022 - 1st
85th Jens Erik Widèn Trondheim, Sor 12580th 4.49 XMAS Matchplay Open 2021 - 14th
86th Thomas Beswick Oslo, Osl 12802nd 4.32 Tilt Matchplay - 2nd
87th Kenneth Lea 12905th 4.23 KPO24: Main - 82nd
88th Ola Uleberg 12927th 4.22 Kristiansand Pinball Open: Ste - 32nd
89th Robert Emil Leistad 13062nd 4.09 BPO Main - 15th
90th Lukas Niesar 13221st 3.96 BFK frenzy - 4th
91st Michelle Lundring Smith 13442nd 3.80 Kristiansand Pinball Open: Mai - 47th
92nd Harald Bransdal 13473rd 3.78 KPO24: Main - 85th
93rd Elin Wilhelmsen Oslo 13623rd 3.65 Pinball Expo Flip Out Tourname - 95th
94th Atle Ødegaard 13830th 3.50 XMAS Matchplay Open Warmup 202 - 27th
95th Andreas Jakhelln 14084th 3.32 Oh mai! - 2nd
96th Emma Berlin Oslo 14209th 3.25 Flipperturnering på tilt - 5th
97th Jarle Olde 14343rd 3.16 BPO Classic (inc. 80's) - 16th
98th Andreas Møll 14442nd 3.11 BPO Classic Unlimited - 15th
99th Jørn Lavoll 14481st 3.08 BFK månedsturnering - 6th
100th Aksel Holand 14726th 2.94 Lille Lordag - 13th