Pinball Donut Girl: A short film about pinball and love

Do you want to see a new film about pinball? Now’s your chance to help make it happen. Pinball Donut Girl is in its last two days of raising donations and is still short of its goal: We are hoping a few last members of the pinball community will help support us in making this film. We’ve had great support from the pinball community (PAPA just signed on; members of the Illinois Pinball AssociationĀ andĀ Pinball News, along with Jeri Ellsworth are also supporters). The cast includes actress and musician, Jane Weidlin (The Go-Go’s, Star Trek).

The film’s story goes like this:

“Remember playing pinball in your neighborhood bar, cafe, or even laundromat? Pinball is art and technology united for fun, and Pinball Donut Girl is a fun comedy about Matt and Julie, who meet in a donut shop that still has a pinball machine.

Matt’s never known a girl like Julie; she’s a pinball genius in a vintage dress. He’s just a fraternity pledge trying to escape his rural roots. Can Matt win Julie’s love when he doesn’t have a decent skill shot? Will Julie’s dreams of winning a pinball tournament come true? Do apple fritters have way too many calories??”

There are great perks at all levels of support, which can be seen here:

The film’s website is here: and the link to make an online donation is here:

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