PAC-MAN Premium LED Desk Clock

91FxNg9aGAL._SL1500_This may not be pinball related, but since Raw Thrills is a HUGE IFPA sponsor we wanted to pass along a new retail product that Raw Thrills is bringing to market.

The PAC-MAN Premium LED Desk Clock features 512 Vibrant LED’s that display classic animations from the hit arcade game. It is officially licensed by Namco.

Check out the details and purchase through the Raw Thrills Amazon store here:

PAC-MAN Premium LED Desk Clock – 512 Vibrant LED’s Display Classic Animations From the Hit Arcade Video Game – Officially Licensed Merchandise – Great 8-bit Retro Gift!

A video of the clock in action is available HERE.

11 responses to “PAC-MAN Premium LED Desk Clock”

  1. Adam Becker says:

    Currently unavailable? Looks cool, I’d buy one now if I could 🙂

  2. Bryan Broyles says:

    Me too. When will it be available

  3. Steven Zahler says:

    Definitely want one of those.

  4. IFPA - International Flipper Pinball Association says:

    We just sent a shipment of about 70 to Amazon, so hopefully sometime next week they will show in stock.

  5. NathanTimothyStellhorn says:

    There is a typo at the end of the post!

  6. IFPA - International Flipper Pinball Association says:

    Pictures don’t do this clock justice . . . video available here –

  7. Baka Kuraï says:

    So bad, they don’t sell it outside US… U0001f625

  8. B hayden says:

    When will this be available again???

  9. Ozzie says:

    Any chance it’ll be available soon? I really wanna get one and don’t want to pay 190 for this (the only source I found)

  10. Johannes Slanec says:

    Really…when is that available again, please?

  11. fawkes says:

    There’s one on ebay that was just listed!

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