FWTG Fantasy Football Club Overview



Gridiron Support is pleased to announce the return of the “Personalized” IFPA Player Medallions created Exclusively for Participants in the 2016 “Flippin’ With the Greats” Fantasy Football Club.

These IFPA Branded Medallions allow ALL Pinball enthusiasts the opportunity to create a highly customized Personal Medallion highlighting any Pinball Achievement or Sentiment they choose, while also supporting their favorite NFL team.

By purchasing an IFPA/FWTG Personalized Medallion, Pinball Fans will officially enter the FWTG Fantasy Football Club, join one of the 8 NFL Divisions (determined by the NFL team they select), and immediately become eligible for valuable prizes to be given away throughout the season.

Additionally, 20 Invites to The Super Bowl/Pinball Party Playoffs at Alice Cooper’stown (“Where Jocks and Rock Meet”) will be randomly awarded to Medallion holders.

Photos from last year’s Awesome Cooper’stown Pinball Party (ALICE WAS IN THE HOUSE!), can be viewed at Gridiron Support on Facebook … Click HERE

The IFPA/FWTG Medallions are available in 3 Tiers, ALL OF WHICH are Minted with the Player’s unique IFPA player number (Non IFPA members who join the club will automatically be assigned an IFPA player number), and include up to 30 character spaces for creating personal, custom messaging.

Custom messages can include any text the player desires, such as:

  • “Personal tournament highlight”
  • “Favorite pinball machine”
  • “City of origin”
  • “etc., etc.”

Some actual messages from last year’s FWTG Club Member’s Medallions include:

  • “More Than Just Pushing Buttons”
  • “Rookie Roller”
  • “Hey! It’s Only Pinball !”
  • “Ramps All Day”
  • “You Just Gotta Behave”
  • “2nd in State #1 MGC QUAL 2014”
  • “All You Need Is One Good Ball”
  • “You Have the Magic”
  • “Actually, Tilting is Good!”

To purchase a Medallion, and join the IFPA/FWTG Fantasy Football Club, click on the Tier numbers below.

Tier 1 ($150) – Oversized 1.9375″ Nickel Silver Finish w/ hand painted color epoxy fill representing your favorite NFL team colors
Tier 2 ($120) – Oversized 1.9375″ Antique Bronze Finish w/ hand painted color epoxy fill representing your favorite NFL team colors
Tier 3 ($60) – Oversized 1.9375″ Antique Bronze Finish



By purchasing an IFPA/FWTG Player Medallion and selecting an NFL Franchise to support, that Player will “join” a roster of IFPA Players grouped according to NFL “Divisions”.  For example anyone who selects the Packers/Bears/Vikings/Lions, will be working together (“pooling” their personal WPPR points) for the NFL North against the other Divisions.  All individual Player’s WPPR points, within NFL Divisions, will be combined for a Divisional race to the finish.  The respective Divisional point totals will continue to increase as Players Compete in more events and when other IFPA ranked Players join their NFL Divisions.  Divisional point totals (Live Standings) will be posted and updated (HERE).  Prizes (including Invites to Alice Cooper & Coach Ditka’s Super Bowl / Pinball Party at Cooper’stown Sports Bar) will be randomly distributed to Medallion holders throughout the year.  The Best finishing NFL Division (Largest combined WPPR point total) will Qualify for Extra Prize distribution at the conclusion of the 2016 IFPA/FWTG Campaign.  Winners of large prizes are responsible for shipping charges.

FWTG Campaign PRIZE POOL (View prizes at GridironSupport.org) – Click HERE

-20 Invites to Alice Cooper and Coach Ditka’s final Super Bowl / Pinball Party Event at Cooper’stown Sports Bar (Phoenix, Az.) to compete for a Brand New Pinball Machine.

-Reconditioned Pinball Machine

-Alice Cooper autographed “Hollywood Vampires” CDs

-Multi Signed Football – autographed by numerous Hall of Fame and Super Bowl Players

-Vintage Casino Slot and/or Video Poker Machines (for home game room use only)

-NOS Pinball Translites

-Autographed Football Collectibles

-Rock & Roll Memorabilia

-NFL Memorabilia

-Limited Edition Alice Cooper & Coach Ditka Collector Medallions

-Plus More !!!

For more info on the IFPA/FWTG Personalized Player Medallions…

Call Vicki at 612-999- FWTG (3984)

Additionally, The FWTG regional tournament series has begun, with 3 events already in the books.

Winners and directors of each regional FWTG tournament will be awarded an invite to the Cooper’stown final showdown event….Email Pinball Joe at pinballcircuit@gmail.com for more info or to schedule a tournament.

Finally, Please join our 2016 FWTG Pinball Series Facebook Group…  Click HERE for up to the minute FWTG info from Pinball Joe!

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