Karl Brostrom wins Balacs Pinball Party 2007

winnersbpp2007.jpg35 people qualified on 6 machines (Road Show, Party Zone, Getaway: High Speed 2, Indianapolis 500, Twilight Zone, World Cup Soccer) and the top 16 advanced to a head-to-head final. After 2 days of playing the winner was: KGB Karl Brostrom, beating MCR Mats Runsten. Karl earned 27.5 WPPR points for his victory, pushing him into the top 20 of the rankings. They played the following games: Road Show, Twilight Zone & Terminator 2. This was a first year tournament with alot of great players. The finals were also great, with some of the following scores put up in the final rounds. 2.4 billion on Road Show, 1.8 billion on Indiana Jones and 4 billion on World cup soccer.

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