Jeff Rank wins California Extreme 2007

DSC_0119.jpgAfter winning the EM Division, Jeff Rank defeated Bowen Kerins (Modern Division winner) and Keith Elwin (Solid State Division winner) to earn top honors at this year’s California Extreme tournament. The 1st major tournament in the US for 2007, California Extreme saw 7 of the top 10 players participate in the multi-division tournament. Other finalists included Jim Belsito, Andrei Massenkoff, Zach Sharpe, Neil Shatz, Kyle Seller, Rick Stetta and Chuck Bentley.

One response to “Jeff Rank wins California Extreme 2007”

  1. tenjobjoe says:

    Sure you lost a couple of nice bass – but you landed a MUCH bigger fish in Cali!

    Way to go – Ffej da man!

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