Shorty’s Pre-IFPA Tournament – June 5th, 2012

2222 2nd Ave.
Seattle, WA 98121

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012
Check in 12pm, Start time 1pm

This Format will be used for the 2012 Shorty’s Pre-IFPA Tournament.
Players will be drawn randomly and compete one-on-one. The loser of the match will receive a ‘strike’ against them.
Once a player has received a total of 3 strikes (has lost 3 matches) they are eliminated from the Tournament.
The last person with strikes remaining is the winner!!

Tournament Staff:
Eden Stamm is the official for this event. Alternate officials will be determined before the event, and may include, but not be limited to various IFPA Country Directors or IFPA Tournament officials. Please feel free to approach any these people for assistance with any when they are NOT playing in a match!!  They will take the steps to get the appropriate official needed to assist you with your particular problem…

Tournament Start Time:
Sign-up will start when Shorty’s opens at approximately Noon, and the first matches will be drawn at approximately 1pm.
We need all participants to be signed in before the 1 pm start time.

Entry Fee:
Cost is $20 for pre-registered players and $25 for those players registering at the door on the day of the event. To pre-register, please paypal $20 to "". Pre-registration is available through May 28th.

Drawing Players / Playing a Match:
All players will be assigned a numbered poker chip and will have their name on it as well. All players’ chips will be placed into the ‘Players Bag’.  The first name drawn will be player 1, the second name drawn will be player 2.  The players will report to the Tournament Desk and a machine will be drawn randomly from the ‘Game Bag’.  This will continue until all available machines are being played competitively. The 2 players will play one game and report the result to the Tournament Desk. Both players SHOULD report to the desk together, but at very least the WINNER should report the result. The loser of the game will receive one strike against them. These players will not have to play another match until every other remaining name has been drawn out of the ‘Players Bag’. It is important to report results immediately to keep the event moving. Players that do not report back promptly may receive a warning. Each subsequent warning will be a strike against them in the Tournament. As each Tournament machine becomes available for play, 2 players will be drawn from the ‘Players Bag’ and their match will begin.  This will ensure that machines are always occupied, and that the Tournament is moving along as quickly as possible. All matches are logged. Any matches that run through an entire round (as in one full draw through the ‘Players Bag’) will have the player(s) involved playing another match immediately after their previous one is completed (but NOT against each other!!), without having their names put back in the ‘Players Bag’ for that round. Their match will be against the next name drawn on the next DIFFERENT machine available for play. Only in this case will a coin flip determine who is player 1 and who is player 2 in this match.

When There Are Only 2 Players Left:
A machine will be drawn randomly from the ‘Game Bag’. The player with the MOST STRIKES against them will be player 2.
If both players have an equal number of strikes against them, a coin flip will determine who is player 1 and who is player 2.
After each game, a different machine will be drawn for each game necessary until there is only one player left.

Exact numbers are to be determined, but the goal is to pay out the top 10% of players participating in the event.

Machine Malfunctions:
In case of a malfunction during gameplay, please get someone to alert one of the Tournament Staff and someone will come to assist you as soon as possible.
Remember, Tournament Officials MAY be involved in a match of their own at that moment, so please be patient when waiting for assistance. Also note, any malfunction that occurs while playing a match against a Tournament Official will require an alternate Official to make a ruling (when necessary). Rulings on how to deal with malfunctions will be taken care of as fairly as possible, and all rulings are final. Severe malfunctions may include a game re-start OR moving the players to an alternate machine when necessary.