IFPA18 Game List

Here is a tentative game list for the IFPA18 World Pinball Championship. Please note that this list is subject to change. It is also possible that any of the games below could be used in a different group then what is stated below.

1 4 Million B.C. Barracora AC/DC Luci
2 6 Million Dollar Man Blackout Avatar
3 Alien Poker Centaur Avengers Infinity Quest Pro
4 Alligator Cyclone Beatles Gold
5 Champ Elektra Corvette
6 Dark Rider F14 Tomcat Deadpool Pro
7 Dodge City Fire Godzilla Pro
8 Dolly Parton Firepower Indianapolis 500
9 Eight Ball Firepower 2 Iron Maiden LE
10 Fireball (DE) Grand Lizard Jurassic Park LE
11 Harlem Globetrotters Jokerz Metallica Monsters
12 Little Joe Lady Luck Rush Pro
13 Mystic Medusa Star Trek Premium
14 Nip It Pin Bot The Addams Family
15 Paragon Pool Sharks The Shadow
16 Playboy Road Kings The Walking Dead Pro
17 Power Play Robocop Tron Pro
18 Silverball Mania Scorpion World Cup Soccer
19 Skateball Sorcerer X-Men Pro
20 Stellar Airship Space Station