IFPA15 World Pinball Championship – FIRST ROUND results!

Bracket for finals available here:

Levi Nayman d. Peter Andersen (4-2)
Levi won on Robocop, Mousin Around, Countdown, Stargazer
Peter won on Iron Maiden, Ironman

Tim Sexton d. Phil Birnbaum (4-2)
Tim won on Seawitch, Monaco, The Walking Dead, Congo
Phil won on Flash Gordon, Quicksilver

Johnny Modica d. Dave Stewart (4-2)
Johnny won on The Walking Dead, Space Station, Dracula, Ironman
Dave won on Radical, Seawitch

Josh Sharpe d. Jorian Engelbrektsson (4-1)
Josh won on Radical, Hot Hand, The Shadow, Viking
Jorian won on Mousin’ Around

Adam Lefkoff d. Rich Mallett (4-1)
Adam Harlem Globetrotters, Attack from Mars, Jacks to Open, Radical
Rich won on Countdown

Andrei Massenkoff d. Jack Tadman (4-2)
Andrei won on Twilight Zone, Butterfly, Countdown, Genesis
Jack won on Dialed In, Arena

Daniele Acciari d. Gabriel Ortiz (4-0)
Daniele won on Class of 1812, Jacks to Open, Big Game, 4 Square

Kyoichi Miyaura d. Steven Bowden (4-1)
Kyoichi won on Radical, Congo, Harlem Globetrotters, Butterfly
Steven won on Spiderman

Qualifying results available here:

LIVE Streaming will be here when available:

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