IFPA US National Pinball Championship – FIRST ROUND results

Bracket:  http://challonge.com/ifpa_nationals_2014#

First round byes –> (1)Keith Elwin-CA, (2)Bowen Kerins-MA, (3)Andy Rosa-MI, (4)Bob Matthews-AZ, (5)Jason Werdrick-WI, (6)Steve Zahler-NJ, (7)Cryss Stephens-PA

Derek Fugate-KY d. Mark Kiefert-GA (4-2)
Derek won on Eye of the Tiger, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Space Time, Captain Fantastic
Mark won on Metallica, Ironman

Sean Grant-NY d. Eric Shaffer-LA (4-1)
Sean won on Congo, Bram Stoker's Dracula, AC/DC, Frontier
Eric won on Playboy

Joe Said-MD d. Brett Emerson-OK (4-1)
Joe won on Metallica, Lord of the Rings, Monster Bash, Attack From Mars
Brett won on Skateball

Kevin Birrell-WA d. Joe Schober-VA (4-1)
Kevin won on The Addams Family, Frontier, KISS, No Good Gofers
Joe won on Attack From Mars

Paul Madison-MN d. Todd Rafacz-TX (4-0)
Paul won on Banzai Run, Twilight Zone, Spider-Man, KISS

Timothy Street-AL d. Adam McKinnie-MO (4-3)
Timothy won on Wizard, World Cup Soccer, Twilight Zone, Captain Fantastic
Adam won on Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Carribean, Eye of the Tiger

Atticus Palmer-FL d. Rod Lawrence-OH (4-2)
Atticus won on Scared Stiff, Metallica, Attack From Mars, Ironman
Rod won on The Addams Family

Jason Scheffelmaer-KS d. Phil Grimaldi-IN (4-0)
Jason won on Avatar, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Captain Fantastic, Medieval Madness

Walt Wood-CO d. Zoe Vrabel-OR (4-1)
Walt won on KISS, Monster Bash, Banzai Run, Frontier
Zoe won on Twilight Zone

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  1. Taylor Reese says:

    What qualified someone for a bye in the first round?

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