IFPA sanctioning resumes!

The official sanctioning of events for WPPR points resumes August 1.

Congratulations to Christian Holmsten for getting the silver ball rolling with the first sanctioned event: a midnight frenzy tournament in BorĂ¥s, Sweden.

As the IFPA resumes sanctioning, we support tournament and league directors in taking any precautions they deem appropriate to make their events safe for attendees and for their communities at large. This includes requiring that participants are vaccinated and show proof of vaccine status, subject to local regulations. Look to guidance from local health officials, the World Health Organization (WHO), and national bodies like the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Any health and safety guidelines should be included in event announcements so that expectations are clear well in advance, and all participants are expected to abide by them. This remains a stressful and uncertain time for many of us, so be respectful of organizers, venue owners, and fellow competitors.

We recognize that the pandemic is an ongoing and fluid situation with an impact that varies across different regions of the world. The IFPA continues to monitor the global situation with input from our country directors and provincial/state representatives, and the decision to resume sanctioning is subject to change.

The IFPA offers itself as a resource for anyone interested in organizing or attending events. Please reach out to us with any questions. Be safe, be kind, and have fun!

2 responses to “IFPA sanctioning resumes!”

  1. Frank Romero says:

    Hey Josh,
    I am wondering if you could clarify something for me concerning “vaccine”. I have been told one thing and I have read this post. I understand and agree with “subject to local regulations”. Tournament directors and players need to be responsible and respectful to each other (to not show up if you are not healthy). What I have been told that tournament directors can run “vaccine only” IFPA tournaments. Is this true? Would those tournaments be considered “private”? I cannot see those “vaccine only” tournaments being considered “public” because that would break the core rule of no exclusions. I do not know how many “degrees of separation” the information is (that was given to me) and I am yet to confirm if it is true or not. What I have been told is a bit of a sore spot in our club and I just want some clarity to help all the club members move forward. Thank you.

  2. Josh Sharpe Josh Sharpe says:

    We are not prohibiting unvaccinated players from participating in IFPA sanctioned events, we are just making it clear that it is within a TD’s power to require vaccination for their specific event(s).

    We will continue to support our TD’s to do whatever they feel is in the best interest of community safety and for themselves as they take time out of their lives to volunteer and organize these events.

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