IFPA Pin-Golf Tour – 2018 Pin-Masters Satellite Tournaments

The IFPA is excited to announce the official launch of the 2018 IFPA Pin-Golf Tour!

Every Spring we host the IFPA Pin-Masters: World Pin-Golf Championships in conjunction with the Amusement Expo. New for this upcoming season, we will be offering tournament directors a chance to join the IFPA Pin-Golf Tour by hosting an official IFPA Pin-Masters Satellite Tournament. Every winner of a 2018 IFPA Pin-Masters Satellite Tournament will earn the right to 50% off their registration fee into the 2019 IFPA Pin-Masters ($50 value).

For tournament directors looking to get their event included on the IFPA Pin-Golf Tour, here are the requirements:

  • Event must have at least 32 participants
  • Event must consist of at least one 9-hole qualifying round
  • Event must use the IFPA Pin-Masters format structure, ruleset and scoring system (available HERE), including the following items:
    • Games set to 5-ball play, using the max 10 stroke scoring system
    • Event must advance 16 players to finals
    • Finals format must be PAPA style, 3 holes per round

Please contact the IFPA for any questions at ifpapinball@gmail.com. A list of registered satellite events will be listed on the IFPA Pin-Masters page throughout the year (HERE).

2 responses to “IFPA Pin-Golf Tour – 2018 Pin-Masters Satellite Tournaments”

  1. Ryan Case says:

    Are the Satellite tournaments required to charge the $100 entry or is that up to the Tournament Directors discretion?

  2. Satellite tournament registration fees are independently set. Example: Pin-Masters of Vermont is $40.

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