Hungarian Championship Series – Official Rules

Official Rules

  1. Quick overview

The IFPA Hungarian Championship Series is an annual pinball competition with players qualifying throughout specific events during the entire calendar year. All results of the IFPA recognized tournaments which are held in Hungary are considered for the qualification of the HCS Final. At the end of each calendar year, the top 32 players (at least 32 – depending on the venue) with the most points (see below) will play for the title of IFPA Hungarian Pinball Grand Champion. The final will be held shortly in the first quarter of the next year.


  1. Competition details


  • How to qualify

Unlike most tournaments where the qualification process takes place over a couple of days at the tournament site, qualifying for the IFPA Hungarian Championship Series Final is based on results from a series of IFPA endorsed tournaments in Hungary. Utilizing the points system below, the IFPA will be tracking results from these HCS events, maintaining a custom ranking.

The current standings are available here.


The top 24 players will be invited into the final. If someone is unable to participate the next ranked player will get the spot down to the rank #32. Players ranked below #32 are welcome to fight for the remaining spots in the Side Tournament.


A separate Side Tournament will be organized prior to the HCS Final to fill up the empty spots. This is an open event, everyone welcome to participate – however only players with at least one HCS event participation from the previous year are eligible to win a spot in the HCS Final. Invited participants have their guaranteed places for the HCS Final, they do not even have to play on the Side Tournament.


The format of the HCS Side Tournament is depending on the actual event – up to the tournament director.


  • Point system

The winner of each HCS event will receive 100 points with points awarded to the top 30 positions in accordance with the table below.


Position Points
1 100
2 90
3 85
4 80
5 75
6 70
7 65
8 61
9 57
10 53
11 49
12 45
13 41
14 38
15 35
16 32
17 29
18 26
19 24
20 22
21 20
22 18
23 16
24 14
25 12
26 10
27 8
28 6
29 4
30 2


Tiebreaking based on each player’s best result: best HCS score first, best IFPA WPPR (from HCS event) second.


  • Fees

The entry fee for each event (Including the Side Tournament) will depend upon the organizers. The entry fee for the IFPA HCS Final is 2500 HUF for each participant.


  • Format of Matches

Group play format: 9 rounds will be played in 4-player groups (for 7-5-3-2 points) per round. Each player meets each other player exactly one single time. Best 8 advance.


Group1: #1, #4, #5, #8

Group2: #2, #3, #6, #7


3 games in 4-player groups, best 2 from each group advance.


4-player final at the end on machine, random order.


Machines will be selected by random.


  1. Winners

The winner gets the title IFPA Hungarian Pinball Grand Champion.

  1. Ruling and malfunctions

All rules are based on the IFPA/PAPA tournament rules available here. (Hungarian version)

  1. General

The IFPA Hungarian Championship Series is devised by Gabor Vanderer. E-mail address for inquires: