– Contribution to Women’s World Championships

naiomigoodwin_feature_1Australian pinball is booming, and the usual hot spots such as central and inner west Sydney are quickly being eclipsed by new ‘barcades’ opening up in Brisbane (Netherworld –, and Melbourne (Bartronica and Ms Bartronica –, as well as the (just a week old) Pinball Paradise ( – also in Melbourne. It’s all fantastic news for pinball and the competitive side of the sport as more and more leagues and competitions pop up in these great locations.
At, we attempt to highlight competitive pinball even as the great divide of the country presents many challenges to covering these events – Sydney is still the focus simply due to locality of the writers.
But there’s another challenge – we need more diversity in the players, competitors and the hobby in general. For this reason has been highlighting women in pinball where possible, and we are very proud of Australia’s number 1 female competitor Naiomi Goodwin who kindly agreed to participate in one of our Player Features – where you can get to know a bit more about Naiomi and how she ended up playing the game we all know and love.
It is for this reason as well that would like to make a modest contribution to the prize pool of the 2017 Women’s World Championships, with a donation of $250. A number of contributions from other organisations and anonymous donators have already been made which is great to see, and we would love to encourage others to contribute what they can to help women’s pinball gain more exposure.
We very much look forward to the competition next year!

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