Cayle George wins 2007 Shorty’s Annual Pinball Tournament

Shorty_IFPA.JPG88 players from Washington, Oregon, California, and Vancouver, BC, Canada played in the Shorty’s 10th Annual, Double Elimination Pinball Tournament on November 4th. After 12 hours and well over 100 matches played, it came down to the Final Match between Cayle George (left) and last years winner Eden Stamm (right) on this year’s prize, a 1979 Williams Flash Pinball Machine. On Cayle’s first ball, he scored over 640,000 points and never looked back from there on, winning the game, the pinball machine, and the title of 2007 Shorty’s Pinball Champion. Other winners included CFF’s Louie Hamlett (3rd place) Lee Good (4th).

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