2016 IFPA Pin-Masters – PAPA Circuit event for 2016-17!

pinmastersWe’re excited to announce that the 2016 IFPA Pin-Masters will be part of the 2016-17 PAPA Circuit.

Registration continues to be open, and is filling up fast! For details on the IFPA Pin-Masters, check out the Overview page HERE.

To register, click HERE! Please note registration will be capped at 72 players.

The 2016 IFPA Pin-Masters: World Pin-Golf Championships are scheduled for March 18th-20th, 2016 at the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. The Pin-Masters coincides with the Amusement Expo held Wednesay and Thursday of that week where any players that pre-register will receive a complimentary badge into the trade show.

In addition, the IFPA US National Pinball Championship will be held at the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, and take place Thursday March 17th. This will include all the various State and Provincial Champions currently battling it out in the 2015-16 SCS and PCS (Canada).

The inaugural IFPA Women’s World Pinball Championship will also be held as part of the IFPA Pin-Masters week. This features the top 16 ranked women battling it out for a World Champion title.

Should you have any questions about our qualifying process or to find out more information about the tournament, please contact the IFPA at ifpapinball@gmail.com.

4 responses to “2016 IFPA Pin-Masters – PAPA Circuit event for 2016-17!”

  1. x3 says:

    Also, for you WPPR hunters, I’ll be hosting a tournament on 3/17 for anyone in town as well as those who bomb out of the National Pinball Championships and/or Women’s  World Championships.  Here’s a link to the FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/215416078809042/ and general tournament page which will include more updated info as the date closes in.  It’ll be at Flipperspiel which is a great spot to check out if you haven’t been there before in Las Vegas: https://orangenex.wordpress.com/2016/02/16/st-patricks-day-pinball-showdown-las-vegas/

  2. Doug Parsons says:

    Can’t wait! 🙂

  3. IFPA - International Flipper Pinball Association says:

    Tentative game list being prepped:
    World Tour (Tim says it’s a 60’s game – no idea couldn’t find it on IPDB – anyone know??)
    Evel Knievel
    KISS (Bally)
    Royal Flush Deluxe
    Twilight Zone
    Star Wars Trilogy
    Batman Dark Night
    Game of Thrones
    NBA Fastbreak

  4. Greg Dunlap says:

    New game premiere: Jack Nicklaus Goes On A World Tour

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