2023 Epstein Cup

The 2023 Epstein Cup was held in conjunction with the IFPA18 World Pinball Championship, June 1st, 2023 in Echzell, Germany.



Team USA – Escher Lefkoff, Raymond Davidson, Jason Zahler, Cayle George, Neil Graf, Steven Bowden, Carlos Delaserda, Colin Macalpine
Game Choices –> Stellar Airship, Sorcerer, Avengers Infinity Quest



Team EUROPE – Arvid Flygare, Viggo Löwgren, Peter Andersen, Johannes Ostermeier, Paul Englert, Daniele Celestino Acciari, Markus Stix, Andrew Foster
Game Choices –> Skateball, Centaur, Tron




Team USA choices:
Stellar Airship – EUR d. USA (23-16)
Sorcerer – USA d. EUR (29-10)
Avengers Infinity Quest – EUR d. USA (20-19)

Team EUR choices:
Skateball – USA d. EUR (27-12)
Centaur – USA d. EUR (24-15)
Tron – EUR d. USA (27-12)

Team USA d. Team EUROPE (127-107)