Country Rankings for United Kingdom

This country has 627 players active in the rankings system.

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Andrew Foster
Player Picture
Craig Pullen
Bristol, Eng
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Yuen Aw
London, Eng
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Jeremy Dorling
Eindhoven, NB
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Peter Blakemore
Country Rank Name Location Overall Rank Points Best Tournament (last 3 years)
1st Andrew Foster Southport 80th 837.92 European Pinball Championship - 6th
2nd Craig Pullen Bristol, Eng 107th 717.40 European Pinball Championship - 40th
3rd Yuen Aw London, Eng 141st 622.85 UK Pinball Open - 17th
4th Jeremy Dorling Eindhoven, NB 145th 605.51 It Never Drains in Southern Ca - 6th
5th Peter Blakemore Salisbury 197th 502.94 IFPA Late Summer Festival - Ma - 4th
6th Joshua Iles Bournemouth, Eng 199th 496.90 UK Pinball Open - 15th
7th Matt Vince London, Eng 271st 420.50 UK Open Peoples Bank - 6th
8th William Dutton Eng 302nd 393.48 BorĂ¥s Pinball Classic Open - 12th
9th Gene Aw Birmingham 354th 363.63 UK Open Pinball Republic Champ - 20th
10th Greg Mott Poole 417th 334.26 UK Pinball Open - 4th
11th David Tucker London, Eng 463rd 313.41 Pinball Republic Other Fish to - 1st
12th Tom Fletcher UK Altrincham, Eng 477th 309.86 BPAC Classics - 1st
13th Nathan Garwood Manningtree, Eng 496th 300.67 Tilt's 8th Birthday - Monster - 1st
14th Nick Marshall 556th 276.94 UK Pinball Open - 30th
15th Wayne Johns Tamworth 641st 251.32 UK Pinball Classic - 1st
16th Rich Mallett London, Eng 665th 245.14 UK Open Pinball Republic Champ - 23rd
17th Brad Attwood 694th 238.35 The Pinball Republic 1010 - 3rd
18th Kirk Sadler Tamworth, Eng 709th 235.62 Turkey Left Overs Fry Up IFPA - 4th
19th Anton Stewart 846th 209.71 The Pinball Republic 1010 - 2nd
20th David Fowler UK 881st 204.06 The Pinball Republic 1010 - 1st
21st Dan Pocklington 911th 197.15 Turkey Left Overs Fry Up IFPA - 5th
22nd Jack Burden 935th 192.19 2023 Festive Gathering Classic - 4th
23rd Andy Brock Eng 951st 189.98 UKCS MatchPlay - 3rd
24th Graham Swaffield 953rd 189.88 UK Open Pinball Republic Champ - 36th
25th Conrad Chambers 1169th 158.54 PBR League - 3rd
26th Pete Bennett Bishop's Stortford, Eng 1174th 157.89 Turkey Left Overs Fry Up IFPA - 6th
27th Stan Simpson Hornchurch 1187th 156.61 PBR League - 2nd
28th Keith Burden Brockenhurst, Eng 1207th 154.85 Monster Meet - 10/10 Birthday - 2nd
29th Luke Grayson Trowbridge, Eng 1253rd 150.00 2023 Festive Gathering Classic - 1st
30th Neil McRae 1374th 137.56 The Open - IFPA World Champion - 182nd
31st Tim Thornton London 1397th 135.65 The Pinball Republic 1010 - 4th
32nd Nick Hamill Croydon 1464th 129.52 Medway Pinball Club - Grand Op - 1st
33rd Owen Lloyd 1522nd 124.32 Pinball Republic Other Fish to - 3rd
34th Kate Rothwell-Jackson Sheffield 1625th 116.92 European Pinball Championship - 20th
35th Kevin Donovan 1643rd 115.28 Tilt's 8th Birthday - Monster - 6th
36th Steve Pagett 1842nd 102.75 SUMMER CIRCUS SENSATION MATCHP - 3rd
37th David Dutton 1990th 94.60 The UK Pinfest Classic - 1st
38th Clive Bush 2155th 85.85 2023 Festive Gathering Classic - 7th
39th Dan Williams UK 2207th 83.62 UK Classic I - 17th
40th Ian Clarke Nottingham, Eng 2219th 83.23 Summer Ballz Main Tournament B - 16th
41st Martyn Iles Swindon, Eng 2230th 82.77 European Pinball Championship - 30th
42nd Gareth Arnold 2254th 82.03 Nordwestschweizer-Flippermeist - 18th
43rd Reece Powell Chelmsford, Eng 2267th 81.63 Pinhaus - Pinball's Alive! - 1st
44th Dan Prachar 2328th 79.51 UK Open Pinball Republic Champ - 52nd
45th Dan Lewell 2388th 76.82 IFPA Pinball Olympics 2022 - S - 12th
46th Chris Edis 2435th 74.64 BATTLE FOR THE KINGDOM CORONAT - 3rd
47th Leo Marshall 2515th 72.53 BATTLE FOR THE KINGDOM CORONAT - 6th
48th David Bowery 2562nd 70.76 BATTLE FOR THE KINGDOM CORONAT - 12th
49th Sergio Olave 2609th 69.13 Torneo de Pinball de Zaragoza - 5th
50th Dan Pike 2650th 67.47 Thursday night PinGolf - 1st
51st Ian Walmsley Preston, Eng 2736th 64.78 Pinfest 2023 - 10th
52nd Ben Pike 2747th 64.55 Monster Meet - 10/10 Birthday - 6th
53rd Jon Carolan 2910th 59.92 Tilt's 8th Birthday - Monster - 4th
54th Paul Owen 3045th 56.93 ELECTRIC CIRCUS WINTER WARMER - 4th
55th Chris Poyntz Kent 3060th 56.70 Medway Pinball Anniversary Bes - 2nd
56th Martin Bedford 3089th 56.11 Monster Meet - Birthday Classi - 9th
57th Will Beynon London, Eng 3104th 55.69 Pinball Office Second Annivers - 1st
58th Nick Clark UK 3129th 55.23 Pinball Office Second Annivers - 2nd
59th Ian Clarricoats London, Eng 3200th 53.66 Monster Meet - Birthday Classi - 6th
60th Roy Smith Nottingham, Eng 3283rd 51.50 ICC OPEN MATCH PLAY - 1st
61st Alan Griffin Salisbury, Eng 3289th 51.39 2023 Festive Gathering Classic - 10th
62nd James Reed 3348th 50.30 PBR - Pin-Golf - 3rd
63rd Ryan Pullen 3402nd 49.20 European Pinball Championship - 23rd
64th Lucy Vince 3678th 43.97 A Summer Day at The Office - 4th
65th George Bennett Bishop's Stortford, Eng 3699th 43.71 UK Pinball Open - 56th
66th Chris Miller Darlington, Eng 3770th 42.25 Hitting the Jackpot at the Off - 2nd
67th Mark Johnson UK London 3843rd 41.09 UK Open Pinball Republic Champ - 101st
68th Alan Irving 3911th 40.19 The UK Pinfest Classic Vol II - 12th
69th Chris Granby Northampton, Eng 3982nd 39.09 BATTLE FOR THE KINGDOM CORONAT - 21st
70th Jeremy Baynham 3984th 39.07 UK Open Pinball Republic Champ - 70th
71st Diane Bush 4082nd 37.93 Next Inline Grande Finale - 10th
72nd Vin Jauhal London 4126th 37.35 Turkey Left Overs Fry Up IFPA - 21st
73rd David Mainwaring Didcot 4175th 36.80 UK Pinball Classic - 9th
74th Stewart Judson 4187th 36.68 UK Open Pinball Republic Champ - 112th
75th Tony Greenwood London, Eng 4197th 36.58 UK Open Pinball Republic Champ - 99th
76th Steven Kielty Manchester, Eng 4209th 36.41 UK Pinball Open - 102nd
77th Sam McCourt London, Eng 4339th 34.77 UK Pinball Open - 89th
78th Daniel O'Neill Portsmouth, Eng 4474th 33.30 UK Pinball Open - 121st
79th Alan Jones 4510th 32.88 The UK Pinfest Classic Vol II - 6th
80th Steven Smith Stafford, Eng 4531st 32.75 SUMMER CIRCUS SENSATION MATCHP - 18th
81st Paul Garner 4574th 32.24 Tilt's 8th Birthday - Monster - 9th
82nd Jim King 4847th 29.46 UK Pinball Open - 129th
83rd Sarah Vince Crawley, Eng 4859th 29.31 The Pinball Republic 1010 - 10th
84th Dennis Osborne London, Eng 4874th 29.19 Thunderstruck - 5th
85th Mike Parkins Reading 4906th 28.77 DOMINO Arcade Christmas Extrav - 7th
86th TIM KNOWLES 4950th 28.31 WCPP Life on Mars? Tournament - 12th
88th Tony Smith Coleorton 4987th 27.96 SUMMER CIRCUS SENSATION MATCHP - 6th
89th Rayne Passmore 5017th 27.64 Pinball Republic Launch Matchp - 3rd
90th Richard Rothwell-Jackson Sheffield 5112th 26.61 UK Pinball Open - 114th
91st STUART BRUCE Northampton, Eng 5120th 26.45 COMMONWEALTH GAMES PINBALL ACR - 1st
92nd Claire Lickman 5144th 26.23 BATTLE FOR THE KINGDOM CORONAT - 35th
93rd James Fowler London, Eng 5179th 25.93 UK Open Peoples Bank - 70th
94th Alice McKenna Eng 5187th 25.86 BATTLE FOR THE KINGDOM CORONAT - 12th
95th Mark Slade Devon, Eng 5266th 25.22 UK Pinball League Finals - 13th
96th John Whitfield 5348th 24.60 Pinball News Cup - 39th
97th Isaac Granby Northampton, Eng 5359th 24.53 UK Pinball Open - 124th
98th Kevin Smith 5534th 23.08 Tilt's Super Series #1 - 7th
99th Michael Aw London, Eng 5571st 22.82 UK Pinball Open - 119th
100th Effie Lewell 5588th 22.71 Pinball Office First Anniversa - 4th