IFPA Power 100 Championship Official Rules

The IFPA Power 100 Championship is  reserved for any player that finishes in the POWER 100 as of 1/1/19. No other players will be eligible to compete. The IFPA Power 100 Championship is a high stakes, 9-strike group play tournament (using Fair Strikes format).

The event coordinators for the IFPA Power 100 Championship are Josh Sharpe and Zach Sharpe. Event coordinators organize volunteers, designate scorekeepers, handle malfunctions and rulings, delegate responsibilities and authority, and otherwise work to ensure the smooth operation of the tournament. Event coordinators and designated officials are not excluded from tournament play but will be recused from any situation that directly affects their actual or potential standing as a player.

I. Quick Overview

The IFPA Power 100 Championship is a 9-strike knockout through MatchPlay.Events, featuring Fair Strike group play matches. 4 player groups will be scored 0-1-1-2 strikes. 3 player groups will be scored 0-1-2 strikes. Matches will be played on games chosen at random by the tournament software.

II. Competition Details

1. Divisions of Play

All players will be placed in the Open Division of play. Groupings will be chosen randomly round to round based on the tournament software.

2. Fees

Entry fee is minimum $100 per player. Players are welcome to enter additional “Sidepot” levels to play for additional prizes. There will be a Sidepot level at $200, $300, $400 and $500.

3. Prizes

1st place – 40% of the cash pot + plaque + title of IFPA Power 100 Champion
2nd place – 30% of the cash pot + plaque
3rd place – 20% of the cash pot + plaque
4th place – 10% of the cash pot + plaque

Every Sidepot level will feature a similar breakdown of 40%/30%/20%/10% of the cash pot for the top 4 finishers of players eligible for that Sidepot level.

4. Schedule

Friday, October 18th, 10am-11am –> OPEN PRACTICE

Friday, October 18th, 11am-6pm –> TOURNAMENT BEGINS

III. Rulings and Malfunctions

All rulings and malfunctions will be based on the rules for the unified PAPA/IFPA ruleset. Those are available HERE.