Spanish Championship Series – Official Rules

Official Rules
I. Quick overview
The IFPA Spanish Championship Series (ESPCS) is an annual pinball competition with players qualifying throughout specific events during the entire calendar year. At the end of each calendar year, the top 28 players with the most points (see below) will play for the title of IFPA Spanish Pinball Champion. The final will be held during the month of December. If any of the top 28 players are unable to participate, any spaces will be made available in order to those who qualified in places 29th and beyond.

II. Competition details
1. How to qualify
Unlike most tournaments where the qualification process takes place over one or couple of days at the tournament site, qualifying for the IFPA Spanish Championship Series is based on results from a series of IFPA endorsed tournaments in Spain. Utilizing the World Pinball Player Rankings (WPPR) points system, the IFPA will be tracking results from these ESPCS events, maintaining a custom ranking. The schedule for the 2018 ESPCS season is available here while the current standings for the 2018 ESPCS season are available here.

2. How to Obtain Points
The answer is simple: participating in any of the IFPA endorsed events included in the ESPCS 2018 schedule will grant points to any player competing on it.
At Spain is fairly common that pinball tournaments consist of two categories: Main competition and classics (with a good number of spanish manufactured tables). Therefore both categories give WPPR points and both categories count also towards ESPCS final standings.
It is necessary to mention that only a maximum number of tournaments will count toward the ESPCS clasification. This number of tournaments will be the 80% of tournaments scheduled for the ESPCS 2018 Season. If a player earns WPPR points in more of the 80% of the total number of ESPCS 2018 events, he will lose the points of his worst results above that 80%.

3. ESPCS Finals
The ESPCS Finals will be held during the first weeks of 2019. The players qualified for the ESPCS 2018 Finals will receive an invitation mail that they must answer agreeing or declining their participation in the event.
Details like exact dates, format of competition, inscription fee, machines to play, prizes and such things will be included in the invitation mail sent to the qualifiers.