IFPA Flippin’ With the Greats Fundraiser Campaign – December 2014

FWG-Logo-AThe IFPA is excited to announce that December will be Flippin' With the Greats month! We are teaming up with Gridiron Support to benefit Mike Ditka's Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund (GGAF).

Similar to the other fundraiser campaigns, the IFPA plans on treating each of these Flippin' With the Great fundraiser tournaments as a unique event, worth full value WPPR points, even if a particular location is already hosting another annual event in 2014. Get in touch with the IFPA at ifpapinball@gmail.com if you're interested in setting up an event or submit to the IFPA calendar directly. We hope to set up events nationwide and use competitive pinball as a way to help raise funds for this great charity. The tournament must be scheduled to be played in the month of December to qualify.

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Flippin’ With the Greats Pinball League – Jets/Bills Tickets available for 10/26!

bills-jetsThe IFPA / FWTG League is excited to announce that Rich Gannon has donated a pair of tickets for the upcoming NY Jets vs. Buffalo Bills game. These tickets will be waiting at will call for one lucky FWTG member. To be eligible simply contact the IFPA at ifpapinball@gmail.com to be included in the drawing. All current FWTG members are eligible, as well as anyone that signs up between now and 12pm EST this upcoming Saturday. We will then contact the winner shortly after via random draw.

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Flippin’ With the Greats Pinball League – next raffle October 23rd!

timewarpThe IFPA / FWTG League is excited to announce (just in time for "Expo") – a Time Warp Pinball is up for grabs!

This machine is shopped out and ready for your home game room.

Time Warp will be awarded to a randomly selected FWTG League Participant on Oct 23rd @ 9pm CST.

Winning player will be responsible for any shipping charges (we will help coordinate a wholesale carrier), or the Pinball can be available for pick up in the Minneapolis or Chicago areas. As an alternative prize, Gridiron Support is offering a set of (5) GGAF Hall of Fame Medallions with matching serial numbers, if the winning player declines the Time Warp as their prize.

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Flippin’ With the Greats Pinball League – Slot Machine Awarded to Dave Gorka

010Once again the FWTG winning player came from the NFC North, with Dave Gorka (representing the Bears) taking home this classic Las Vegas Hilton Slot Machine.

The next Prize to be awarded will be a Pinball Machine, so join the FWTG League today to get in on the action!

Again, we are pleased to announce that the FWTG Tournament Series will be expanded beyond the 32 NFL team markets. Any city in the world can host a " Coach Ditka Wild Card" FWTG charity fundraiser tournament. The winner of each "Wild Card" Tournament will also be awarded an Invitation / Entry to the Grand Final Event.

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Spooky Pinball makes its mark in a tiny town

54370c8cb2150.preview-300The booming competitive pinball scene up in Wisconsin isn't the only exciting pinball activity going on. The Wisconsin State Journal recently published a piece on new pinball manufacturer Spooky Pinball. Click HERE to watch the video and read the article.

2014 European Championship Series – Standings through Event #13

ifpa-european-championship-series1The inaugural IFPA European Championship Series is now through Event #13 out of 17, after Belgium hosted the Belgian Open Pinball tournament. Full results for Belgian Open Pinball are available HERE.

An incredible 1012 players have taken part in at least one ECS tournament, with Michael Trepp having regained the lead by 23 WPPR points over fellow Swiss Robert Sutter and 27 WPPR points over Daniele Celestino Acciari. The current ECS standings are available HERE.

The next ECS event takes players to Finland, where the 2014 K15 Open will be taking place October 17-19th. Details of that event are available HERE. The entire ECS schedule can be found HERE.

Pinball tournament continues to grow in Springield

ozarkNBC affiliate KY3 in Springfield, MO covered the 3rd annual Ozark Pinball Syndicate's tournament. Featured is Dayvv Brooks (ranked 164th in the world). Click HERE to watch the video.

Coast 2 Coast Pinball – Episode 109 “Second At PAPA, First In Your Heart, or An Evening With Josh Sharpe, Again”

c2c_LogoIFPA President Josh Sharpe (ranked 17nd in the world and falling) was recently interviewed by Coast 2 Coast Pinball host Nate Shivers (ranked 4210th in the world) to talk about the recent announcement of the changes to the WPPR system for 2015, the PAPA 17 World Championship, and much more! Check out the interview HERE.

Pinball wizards start local league to grow the game

542acf933c40e.imageThe Columbia Daily Tribune published an article about the Columbia Pinball League. Featured in the article is Adam McKinnie (ranked 100th in the world), Daniel Carpenter (ranked 877th in the world) and Josh Sharpe (ranked 17th in the world). Click HERE to read the article.

WPPR formula change for 2015!

world_pinball_player_rankings_wppr1As the landscape of competitive pinball has broadened, the IFPA is constantly investigating ways to make the World Pinball Player Rankings more accurate for how we rank players across the globe. This latest change to the formula is quite extensive, with a complete overhaul as to how the value of a tournament is calculated. These changes will be implemented starting January 1, 2015.

Below is an overview of changes for the new 2015 formula:

  • The point value for every tournament and/or league event — whether previously called Main, Side, League, Launch, Charity, Annual, Periodic, or otherwise — will be graded separately as a single, distinct event and count as one line item for a player's World Ranking resume.
  • The base point value for every event will no longer have a guaranteed 25-point minimum, and instead be based on the merit of the event's # of participants in addition to the quality of the event's format.
  • Events eligible for determining a player's World Ranking will be increased from the best 15 active events to the best 20 active events.  Events eligible for State, European, or country Championship series ranking will remain unlimited during the affected calendar year. 
  • Events that are three to four years old will be worth 25% of their original value instead of 0%.
  • There will be no limitations to how many events any particular location or organizer can hold, but there will be a minimum number of players required for any tournament that is listed as 'private' on the IFPA calendar in order to be endorsed by the IFPA for WPPR points.
  • The changes will NOT be retroactive: the original WPPR point values for events prior to 2015, and the combination of Main/Side tourneys and Periodic tourneys into single line items for World Ranking consideration will remain unchanged.
  • The Tournament Value Adjustment (TVA) mechanism will remain unchanged.


For full detailed information on the 2015 formula, click HERE.