IFPA11 World Pinball Championship – QUARTERFINALS results

Jorian Engelbrektsson d. Andrei Massenkoff (5-3)
Jorian won on Spider-Man, Out of Sight, Jungle Queen, Avatar, Whitewater
Andrei won on The Addams Family, Dr. Dude, AC/DC

Cryss Stephens d. Zach Sharpe (4-0)
Cryss won on 300, Avatar, The Addams Family, Space Time

Daniele Acciari d. Adam Lefkoff (4-1)
Daniele won on Space Time, Medieval Madness, The Addams Family, Old Chicago
Adam won on Funhouse

Keith Elwin d. Lyman Sheats (4-2)
Keith won on Sorcerer, Congo, High Hand, Wizard
Lyman won on Frontier, Lord of the Rings

IFPA11 World Pinball Championship – THIRD ROUND results

Jorian Engelbrektsson d. Steven Bowden (4-0)
Jorian won on Spiderman, Avatar, Dr. Dude, Firepower

Andrei Massenkoff d. Mats Runsten (4-2)
Andrei won on Roadshow, Funhouse, The Addams Family
Mats won on Old Chicago, AC/DC

Cryss Stephens d. Nick Zendejas (5-3)
Cryss won on The Addams Family, Jumping Jack, 300, Paragon, AC/DC
Nick won on Black Knight, Metallica, Roadshow

Zach Sharpe d. Jim Belsito (4-1)
Zach won on Congo, Space Time, Cosmic Gunfight, Pioneer
Jim won on Pin-Bot

Daniele Acciari d. Cayle George (5-3)
Daniele won on 24, Old Chicago, Wizard, Medieval Madness, Funhouse
Cayle won on The Addams Family, Roadshow, Mousin Around

Adam Lefkoff d. Adam Becker (5-4)
Adam L won on Fathom, CSI, The Addams Family, Space Time, Mousin' Around
Adam B won on Wizard, Ironman, Snow Derby, Metallica

Lyman Sheats d. Josh Sharpe (4-1)
Lyman won on Firepower, Lord of the Rings, Captain Fantastic, High Hand
Josh won on Funhouse

Keith Elwin d. Jerry Bernard (4-0)
Keith won on Congo, 4 Square, The Addams Family, Firepower

IFPA11 World Pinball Championship – SECOND ROUND results

Steven Bowden d. Jorgen Holm (5-3)
Steven won on Roadshow, Firepower, Aquarius, Congo, Sorcerer
Jorgen won on Avatar, Fathom, Jungle Queen

Mats Runsten d. Donavan Stepp (4-2)
Mats won on Roadshow, AC/DC, Funhouse, Skateball
Donavan won on Jungle Queen, Pioneer

Nick Zendejas d. Frank Romero (4-1)
Nick won on Black Knight, Sorcerer, Roadshow, 24
Frank won on Jumping Jack

Zach Sharpe d. Andy Rosa (4-1)
Zach won on Space Time, Pinbot, Old Chicago, AC/DC
Andy won on The Addams Family

Cayle George d. Raymond Davidson (4-2)
Cayle won on 24, Mousin' Around, Funhouse, Wheel of Fortune
Raymond won on Pioneer, Wizard

Adam Lefkoff d. Steve Zahler (4-2)
Adam won on Wizard, Star Trek, The Addams Family, Jungle Queen
Steve won on CSI, Earthshaker

Josh Sharpe d. Franck Bona (4-0)
Josh won on Captain Fantastic, Space Time, Fathom, Avatar

Jerry Bernard d. Jon Replogle (5-4)
Jerry won on Jumping Jack, Cosmic Gunfight, Star Trek, Firepower, 300
Jon won on Wizard, 24, Sorcerer, Earthshaker

IFPA11 World Pinball Championship – FIRST ROUND results

Steven Bowden d. Dean Grover (4-2)
Steven won on Avatar, Firepower, AC/DC, Aquarius
Dean won on 300, Earthshaker

Donavan Stepp d. Noah Davis (4-1)
Donavan won on 24, Pioneer, AC/DC, Skateball
Noah won on Captain Fantastic

Frank Romero d. Robert Gagno (4-2)
Frank won on Sorcerer, Captain Fantastic, 24, Funhouse
Robert won on Old Chicago, Spider-Man

Zach Sharpe d. Sean Grant (4-2)
Zach won on Avatar, Spider-Man, Space Time, Pin-Bot
Sean won on Funhouse, 300

Raymond Davidson d. Aaron Nelson (5-3)
Raymond won on Pioneer, Sorcerer, Funhouse, Mousin Around, Spider-Man
Aaron won on Medieval Madness, Lord of the Rings, Aquarius

Steve Zahler d. Takashi Ito (4-2)
Steve won on Earthshaker, Dr. Dude, Congo, Captain Fantastic
Takashi won on Spider-Man, Jungle Queen

Josh Sharpe d. Helena Walter (4-1)
Josh won on Space Time, Sorcerer, Captain Fantastic, Lord of the Rings
Helena won on Roadshow

Jon Replogle d. Lieven Engelbeen (4-1)
Jon won on 24, Cosmic Gunfight, Captain Fantastic, Wizard
Lieven won on AC/DC

IFPA11 World Pinball Championship – LIVE Standings through Session #8

ifpa11logoClick HERE for LIVE standings of the IFPA11 World Pinball Championship

Results current through round #8

2014 Epstein Cup – LIVE Standings!

PrintEUROPE – 109 points
USA – 125 points

It takes 117.5 points to win the Epstein Cup

Team Europe game choices –> Jungle Queen, The Addams Family, Medieval Madness

Team USA game choices –> Space Time, Skateball, Mustang

IFPA US National Pinball Championship – FINALS results

Bracket:  http://challonge.com/ifpa_nationals_2014#

Keith Elwin-CA d. Bowen Kerins-MA (4-2)
Keith won on Fish Tales, Skateball, Banzai Run, Medieval Madness
Bowen won on Wheel of Fortune, No Good Gofers

Paul Madison-MN d. Andy Rosa-MI (2-1)
Paul won on KISS, Pirates of the Carribean
Andy won on Split Second

IFPA US National Pinball Championship – SEMIFINALS results

Bracket:  http://challonge.com/ifpa_nationals_2014#

Bowen Kerins-MA d. Andy Rosa-MI (4-0)
Bowen won on Pharoah, Congo, Spider-Man, Pirates of the Carribean

Keith Elwin-CA d. Paul Madison-MN (4-1)
Keith won on Fish Tales, Pharoah, KISS, AC/DC
Paul won on Strikes and Spares

IFPA US National Pinball Championship – QUARTERFINALS results

Bracket:  http://challonge.com/ifpa_nationals_2014#

Keith Elwin-CA d. Sean Grant-NY (4-2)
Keith won on Congo, Family Guy, AC/DC, Banzai Run
Sean won on Fish Tales, Twilight Zone

Bowen Kerins-MA d. Cryss Stephens-PA (4-3)
Bowen won on Pharoah, Space Time, AC/DC, Wizard
Cryss won on Spider-Man, Twilight Zone, Indiana Jones

Andy Rosa-MI d. Kevin Birrell-WA (4-1)
Andy won on Avatar, Galaxy, Eye of the Tiger, Congo
Kevin won on Attack From Mars

Paul Madison-MN d. Bob Matthews-AZ (4-2)
Bob won on Wizard, KISS, Spider-Man, Strikes and Spares
Paul won on Congo, TX-Sector