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blog post courtesy of James Todd

Typically after submitting my tournament results to the IFPA I was always curious about how many WPPRs the event was going to bring in. On the night of a tournament, or waiting those few days to a week before the results were approved, I’d do a few quick calculations based on the number of Rated players to get a ballpark number of how many points the tournament might be worth.

More recently I had a bit of spare time, and realised using the API for Matchplay and the IFPA could be used to calculate an estimate of a tournaments WPPR points at the time of a tournament! So I present to you the WPPR Estimator!

http://chunkout.com/wppr/WhatWPPRs.php 51

Note that this will get you a pretty close estimate, but won’t be 100% accurate. It won’t take into account results for players that are pending approval, and all players IFPA ids need to be entered into Matchplay for it to count correctly.

8 responses to “WPPR Estimator”

  1. Jason Wilson says:

    I don’t understand this. We are guessing the bottom number and where is the API number on the Matchplay site? I don’t understand this at all.

  2. Sam Swain says:

    API number is the last 5 letters and numbers of the matchplay link in the web address. And the TGP is the final %

    For example, yesterday we played a knockout that will be worth 96%… 73gjy is the API… enter those in the the correct place and it will spit out points and what is anticipated for the points.

  3. Thanks James!

    Is it possible to estimate league values with this?

    Series IDs in MatchPlay don’t seem to work at this time.

  4. Mike Burgess Mike Burgess says:

    This is awesome James Todd!

  5. Dusty says:

    Is there an app or anything to determine when in the middle of a tournament what your possible ranking will be based on how well you do, and how well everyone else does?

    I’m looking for something like:
    “After this round, based on the players still playing, and the amount of points they have, and the amount of points you have, you can reach 8th place in the best case scenario, and 20th place in the worst case scenario”

  6. Tony says:

    Dusty… your question is on the right track. I had heard this project was originally started just so you could calculate how many WPPR points you could get for 2nd place in a tournament. But to do this they had to implement the calculation for the whole tourney. Is this true Josh? 😉

  7. Josh Sharpe Josh Sharpe says:

    I’m not exactly sure what James is doing to make this all happen. If you want to shoot me an email I can certainly connect you with him for the finer details.

  8. James Todd says:

    I’ve updated the site a bit to give a bit more information about where to get the IDs from etc. Glad it’s useful for some 🙂 I’ll have to look into leagues, I don’t really know much about how they are even calculated!

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