Wizards World Sponsors the 2023 Women’s World Pinball Championship with $2500 Donation!

We are honored to announce the generous pledge and sponsorship from The Wizard himself, Mike Burgess, from Fort Wayne Wizard’s World. Mike continues to support Women and Youth pinball all throughout Indiana as well as the Midwest. Mike has graciously pledged $2,500 to this year’s Women’s World Championship, boosting our prize pool overall tremendously and giving us the ability to extend payouts to the Top 16.

Below will be the new breakdown of our prize distribution, that now includes 9th-16th. We have kept our original prize distribution and have dispersed the extra $3,000 as follows:

Revised Prize Breakdown (keeping original distribution and adding 3k over that separately)
1st Place NIB Stern Game + Trophy
2nd Place $800 + $900 (1700) + Plaque
3rd Place $400 + $540 (940) + Plaquie
4th Place $200 + $360 (560) + Plaque
5th-8th Place $50 + $150 (200) Each
9th-12th Place $100 each
13th-16th Place $50 each

Note: above reflect a 50/30/20 split for 2nd-4th of the remaining balance after 5-16

Wizard’s World and Fort Wayne Belles and Chimes, The Women of Wizard’s World, supports Women’s Pinball by hosting weekly tournaments, launch parties and The WOW 3, Women of Wizard’s World annual weekend of tournaments where you can win a new Stern Pinball Machine.

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  1. So is it $2500 or $3000?

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