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This form will allow you to upload tournament results to the IFPA. Note that that you will only be able to upload results to tournaments that are calendar as well as leagues that are owned by you. Additionally, only the email used to register the tournament can be used to upload results. If you are encountering issues, please contact us at ifpapinball@gmail.com.

Note: Internet Explorer 8 may have issues using this form. We highly suggest using a different (and better) browser.

How to Upload Tournament Results:
  • Fill out your name and email address.
  • Select the tournament you wish to upload results too
  • Fill in the tournament details
  • Paste your results into the text area below
  • Review the data and ensure that the player names are spelled correctly
  • Submit your results once everything looks correct
  • Wait for your comfirmation email to arrive and approve the tournament results

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Data Guidelines:
  • Record format is "[position],[player],[player id]"
  • The player ID is optional, but will help solve name issues easier.
  • Delimiter can be a comma, semicolon or tab.
  • You can cut and paste from spreadsheets, which will provide a tab delimiter automatically.
  • Click "Process" to test the data. Review player list for problems
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