Olympia Lanes Pinball Challenge

What;  Olympia Lanes Pinball Challenge an IFPA sanctioned pinball tournament.  Points earned count towards the Indiana State Championship Series.

Where;  Olympia Lanes bowling alley, 4150 Calumet Ave, Hammond, IN 46320
When;  Sunday November 3rd, 2013.  Qualifying starts at 11am and ends at 4pm.  Finals begin at 5pm.
Cost;  $10 entry fee broken out as follows: $6 to prize fund, $1 to trophy fund, $3 covers game play.  (One game on each of the 4 tournament games).  Additional qualifying attempts sold in 4 game blocks at a cost of $5, ($3 to prize fund and $2 to cover game play). Maximum of 4 total qualifying attempts per game.  Cost of finals play $5 with all money going to the prize fund.
Format;  The top 16 total qualifying scores make up the A Division.  The next 16 highest qualifying scores make up the B Division.  Best 2 out of 3 game seeded match play, single match elimination format.  Higher seed has first game choice or can pass on game choice and choose player position.  Next game choice passes to  the lower seed.  If a third game is necessary, game choice returns to the higher seed.  If the turnout is smaller than 32 players, the field will be divided into two equal fields for finals play.  Odd player will have the choice of playing up into the A Division or down to the B Division.
  Rules;  Playing a ball out of turn is cause for loss of game.  Game malfunctions, stuck balls or other issues, notify tournament officials for remedy.  All rulings made by tournament officials are final.
  Payouts;  A Division 1st place 40% of prize fund and trophy, 2nd place 25% of prize fund and trophy, 3rd and 4th place each receive 10% of prize fund.
B Division 1st place 10% of prize fund and trophy, 2nd place 5% of prize fund.  Based on a 32 player field with all players playing 2 of the 4 allowed qualifying attempts, the total prize fund would be $448.  A Division 1st place $179, 2nd place $112, 3rd and 4th place each would receive $45.  B Division 1st place $45, 2nd place $22.
  Games;  Provisional tournament game list, subject to change.  FunHouse, The Shadow, World Poker Tour, Fish Tales and X-Files.  Four of the games will be used for qualifying.  Players will be allowed a limited number of practice games during the qualifying period on the 5th game.  All five games will be made available for the Finals round of play.