2015 Epstein Cup

The 2015 Epstein Cup was held in conjuction with the IFPA12 World Pinball Championship, May 21st, 2015 in Sweden.




Team USA – [player]Zach Sharpe[/player], [player]Josh Sharpe[/player], [player]Cayle George[/player], [player]Trent Augenstein[/player], [player]Bob Matthews[/player], [player]Adam Becker[/player], [player]Jon Replogle[/player] and [player]Cryss Stephens[/player]





Team EUROPE – [player]Daniele Celestino Acciari[/player], Jörgen Holm, [player]Jorian Engelbrektsson[/player], [player]Mats Runsten[/player], [player]Franck Bona[/player], [player]Robert Sutter[/player], [player]Michael Trepp[/player] and [player]Paul Jongma[/player]





Team USA choices:
Xenon – USA d. EUR (31-8)
Radical – EUR d. USA (22-17)
Metallica – EUR d. USA (26-13)
Detailed results HERE

Team EUR choices:
Lost World – EUR d. USA (23-16)
World Cup Soccer – USA d. EUR (31-8)
Scared Stiff – EUR d. USA (25-14)
Detailed results HERE

Team USA d. Team EUROPE (122-112)