2015 Ohio IFPA Pinball Championships

The Ohio IFPA Pinball Championships will be held on Feburary 7, 2015 in Columbus Ohio. This tournament is restricted to the top 16 people that have qualified while playing in ohio-based tournaments in 2014.

If you have questions regarding these events, please email Brian at slamtilt@gmail.com


Ohio State FlagOhio State Championship Tournament

Tournament rules and format can be found here and the 16 people who qualfied (and alternates) can be located here.

  • Practice starts ​at 11am
  • Tournament starts at 2pm
  • $20 dollar tournament fee
  • 1st place – $100 + Trophy (see below), 2nd place – $70 and 3rd place – $30
  • $100 of tournament fee goes towards the SCS National Championships.


Tournament Location

Private Residence – Will be emailed to attendees

Game List

This list is tenative and may change by the time the tournament is held.

  • Tron
  • Metallica (Premium)
  • ACDC (Premium)
  • Iron Man
  • Paragon
  • The Addams Family
  • Star Trek : TNG
  • Dr Dude
  • Roadshow
  • Whitewater
  • Medieval Madness
  • Twilight Zone
  • Congo
  • World Cup Soccer
  • Demolition Man
  • Big Game
  • Nine-Ball
  • Cyclopes
  • Harlem Globetrotters

The SCS Trophy (last years)