$tern Rewards Program – Biggest Movers for January through July 2012

As part of the launch of the $tern Rewards Program, we're retroactively qualifying the top 3 Biggest Movers from each month so far during 2012. These are the players that moved up the most spots in the World Pinball Player Rankings during a given month of IFPA endorsed tournament and league play. Congratulations to the first qualifiers of the program, and a reminder to fill out your IFPA profile by contacting the IFPA at ifpapinball@gmail.com to become eligible for the $tern Rewards Program.

[player]Matteo Pierobon[/player]: Moved up 488 spots by earning 5.00 WPPR points
[player]Nicole Anne Reik[/player]: Moved up 412 spots by earning 0.41 WPPR points
[player]Damien Charléty[/player]: Moved up 128 spots by earning 12.50 WPPR points

[player]Rachel Madjlesi[/player]: Moved up 2290 spots by earning 0.59 WPPR points
[player]Jay Ramey[/player]: Moved up 1218 spots by earning 6.82 WPPR points
[player]Matteo Filippin[/player]: Moved up 1193 spots by earning 26.60 WPPR points

MARCH 2012
[player]Brad Stark[/player]: Moved up 4617 spots by earning 1.88 WPPR points
[player]Chris Hibler[/player]: Moved up 603 spots by earning 3.02 WPPR points
[player]Matteo Pierobon[/player]: Moved up 416 spots by earning 22.06 WPPR points

APRIL 2012
[player]Jordan Hudson[/player]: Moved up 3311 spots by earning 2.31 WPPR points
[player]Matt Scruton[/player]: Moved up 1959 spots by earning 3.82 WPPR points
[player]Vesa Tyry[/player]: Moved up 1377 spots by earning 0.26 WPPR points

MAY 2012
[player]Martin Krebs[/player]: Moved up 12,365 spots by earning 15.84 WPPR points
[player]Sam Hall[/player]: Moved up 2103 spots by earning 1.27 WPPR points
[player]Brad Stark[/player]: Moved up 893 spots by earning 2.20 WPPR points

JUNE 2012
[player]Emanuele Modica[/player]: Moved up 6867 spots by earning 3.23 WPPR points
[player]Ann-Marie Keene[/player]: Moved up 2448 spots by earning 0.97 WPPR points
[player]Jennifer Hamilton[/player]: Moved up 1613 spots by earning 0.32 WPPR points

JULY 2012
[player]Edward Dobson[/player]: Moved up 5990 spots by earning 3.25 WPPR points
[player]Sean Lind[/player]: Moved up 1514 spots by earning 0.87 WPPR points
[player]Nina G[/player]: Moved up 1502 spots by earning 7.03 WPPR points

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