$tern Rewards Winner – Bruce Nightingale!

Bruce Nightingale out of Rochester, NY finished 2018 being ranked 599th in the world. This qualified him for the $tern Rewards Program for finishing the year ranked in the top 1000. The rewards program allows qualifiers to purchase a brand new Stern pinball machine at a special IFPA price. Bruce redeemed his reward for a Batman 66 Premium.

So far in 2019, Bruce has participated in 4 IFPA sanctioned events and remains in the top 1000 ranked players in the world (ranked 688th currently).

Congratulations to Bruce, and remember if you’re interested in qualifying for the $tern Rewards Program, check out the rules here.

2 responses to “$tern Rewards Winner – Bruce Nightingale!”

  1. chris warren says:

    You can visit the Silverball Saloon and say hi to Bruce. Where? 135 West Commercial Street, East Rochester NY. You’re welcome Bruce!

  2. Jay says:

    So what did Bruce actually win? I didn’t know that there was a contest as part of the program. Or are you saying that he’s a “winner” for using his program discount towards a new machine?

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