Stefano Aldrighetti wins the first Flipperando in Veneto!

Great success for Flipperando in Veneto, a series of tournaments that will be played in different locations in the Veneto region in the italian north-east. The first event took place at “Bar Aurora” in San Zeno di Cassola, just outside Bassano del Grappa on March 6th 2011. 16 players battled on the 7 pinball machines ‘The Flinstones’, ‘Twilight Zone’, ‘Road Show’, ‘The Addams Family’, ‘Monster Bash’, ‘Indiana Jones: The pinball adventure’ and ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’. The qualifying rounds have been played for 4 hours, where the groups of 4 people played 10 rounds defining the standings and the top 4 players who played for the win. Daniele Acciari dominated the qualifing section, joined in the final by Nicola Pierobon, Stefano Aldrighetti and Mauro Spiga. 2 games has been played to decide the tournament: Stefano Aldrighetti won the first on ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’ followed by Nicola Pierobon. Daniele Acciari dominated the second game on ‘The Addams Family’, not enough to take the overall win due to the bad performans on the first game. So Stefano Aldrighetti took the win, followed by Daniele Acciari, Mauro Spiga and Nicola Pierobon. Many congratulations to Stefano for the great performance and also to the two little champions Riccardo and Carlo Trevisan, 6 and 10 years old, surely the two youngest italian players, who impressed for their dedication, commitment and skills.

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