Sean O’Neil is the 2009 Canadian Pinball Champion!

Sean_Winner_2.JPGOver 125 players from Canada and the US met in Toronto, Ontario for the 2009 Canadian Pinball Championship, in hopes of being one of the top 32 players over the weekend which would qualify for the finals matches. The top 8 players received double byes, while the 9th through 16th seeded players each received a single bye.

As the match play went on, it would be the #6 seed, Cayle George of Seattle WA, who would face the #12 a seed, Sean O’Neil of Toronto, Ontario. In what was a truly epic battle on Stern’s Batman, Sean and Cayle were both putting up scores of 200 million – 300 million PER GAME in a best of 5 contest, but it was Sean that was getting the edge each time, with a 100 million Bat Signal shot in each of the first 3 games played!

Cayle was able to fight back on game 3 to prevent Sean from sweeping the final match, but it was on Game #4 that Sean beat Cayle’s best efforts for the 3rd time to take the 2009 Canadian Championship Title, as well as $1000 and the New in Box NBA Pinball Machine! 3rd place this year went to Paul Madison, and 4th place went to current Pinball Expo Champ, Andy Rosa. The Canadian Pinball Champion is STILL a Canadian… at least for one more year!

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  1. snake fist says:

    cayle dodged a bullet not winning that NBA…

  2. snake fist says:

    cayle dodged a bullet not winning that NBA…

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