Country Rankings for Australia

This country has 2,348 players active in the rankings system.

Country Rank Name Location Overall Rank Points Best Tournament (last 3 years)
101st Steven Riding 1735th 63.64 Netherworld Flip Frenzy - 2nd
102nd Tim Walle NSW 1745th 63.27 Cooly Classic 3 Strike - 6th
103rd Erik Hansen AUS 1802nd 61.09 SHPC Flip Frenzy - 11th
104th Mark Mittereger Townsville, QLD 1836th 59.8 Stern Army - Empire Monthly Mo - 1st
105th John Scolaro Brisbane, QLD 1838th 59.73 Brisbane Pinball Club - 4th
106th Matt Mullen 1853rd 59.2 Brisbane Pinball Club - 1st
107th Michael Cannon 1863rd 58.88 Netherworld Flip Frenzy - 2nd
108th Peter Milner Adelaide 1884th 58.11 Adelaide Pinball Hire SA Maste - 2nd
109th Brett Smith WA Perth, WA 1893rd 57.74 Amusement Worx SA Masters Grou - 1st
110th Roland Kaegi Brisbane 1905th 57.51 Cooly Classic - 7th
111th Tom Carey Townsville, QLD 1919th 57.06 Stern Army - Empire Monthly Mo - 1st
112th Matt Elms 1950th 56.2 Brisbane Masters - 12th
113th Alex McClarty Townsville, QLD 1973rd 55.42 West End Wizards Monthly Comp - 1st
114th Kelly Buxton 2025th 53.91 Southern Hemisphere Pinball Ch - 5th
115th Matthew Venables 2033rd 53.66 Wildball League - 1st
116th Geoff Wills Melbourne 2046th 53.19 BM Warm Up - 11th
117th Chris Sommerville AUS Townsville City, QLD 2074th 52.39 Townsville Christmas Bash - 1st
118th Ronald Opitz 2098th 51.68 Amusement Worx Mini League - 1st
119th Scottie Taylor Adelaide, SA 2102nd 51.54 Adelaide Pinball Hire SA Maste - 1st
120th Julian Stavleu 2111th 51.2 Pincadia Mini Matchplay - 6th
121st George Choimes Adelaide, SA 2167th 49.61 Amusement Worx Group Matchplay - 1st
122nd Nick Hamhougias Melbourne 2177th 49.37 A Medium Wpprtunity - Modern - 1st
123rd Steve Dite SA 2196th 49.03 Amusement Worx SA Masters Grou - 4th
124th Warwick Mansour Melbourne, VIC 2234th 48.07 Reality Games: A one night sta - 6th
125th Rob McIntyre SA 2307th 46.3 Brisbane Pinball Club - 1st
126th Gareth Hall Brisbane, QLD 2327th 45.93 ACS 2020 7-Strike warm-up - 12th
127th David James Brisbane 2341st 45.4 Southern Hemisphere Pinball Ch - 8th
128th Belinda Clissold Brisbane, QLD 2344th 45.31 BM Classics Matchplay - 21st
129th David Stavleu Brisbane, QLD 2354th 45.07 Netherworld Flip Frenzy Hyper - 2nd
130th Peter Menzel 2382nd 44.66 Pinball at The Basement - 1st
131st Dan Olejniczak Brisbane, QLD 2389th 44.55 Brisbane Pinball Club - 5th
132nd Jayson Walsh Oak Flats, NSW 2432nd 43.73 SHPC Classics - 12th
133rd Mick Miksad Melbourne, VIC 2436th 43.71 Reality Games: A one night sta - 8th
134th Justin Withnell Sydney, NSW 2461st 43.16 SHPC Flip Frenzy - 11th
135th Pete Moffitt 2508th 42.17 BM 3 Strikes - 10th
136th Colin Tattoli Port Pirie, SA 2545th 41.26 Amusement Worx SA Masters Best - 6th
137th Jasen Mouritsen Gold Coast, QLD 2561st 40.68 Cooly Classic 3 Strike - 6th
138th Daniel Pongrac Melbourne, VIC 2573rd 40.37 A Medium Wpprtunity - Modern - 6th
139th Andrew JF Clark VIC 2581st 40.21 ACS Group Knockout - 11th
140th Oliver Dickson Brisbane, QLD 2590th 39.92 Pincadia Strikes - 4th
141st Marco Rossignoli Newcastle 2605th 39.71 BM 3-Strikes - 1st
142nd Anthony Fowler 2607th 39.7 Pincadia Big Bash - 3rd
143rd Vaughan Jones Sunshine Coast, QLD 2644th 39.02 Sneaky Sunday Session #1 - Rur - 1st
144th Jamie Linke Adelaide, SA 2676th 38.48 Adelaide Pinball Hire SA Maste - 3rd
145th Andrew Heitmann Adelaide, SA 2679th 38.42 Amusement Worx SA Masters Grou - 2nd
146th Steve Sahariv 2684th 38.29 Pinball at The Basement - 2nd
147th Shane Reed 2700th 37.97 Netherworld Flip Frenzy - 1st
148th Chris Dooley Townsville City, QLD 2757th 36.81 WESTEND WIZARDS MONTHLY COMP 2 - 1st
149th Paul Bateman 2765th 36.72 QLD State Pinball Championship - 12th
150th Edward Rossato Townsville City, QLD 2846th 35.33 Stern Army - Empire Monthly Mo - 2nd
151st Paul Phillips Bonogin, QLD 2847th 35.29 Netherworld Flip Frenzy - 2nd
152nd David Sanders AUS Sunshine Coast, QLD 2889th 34.55 Netherworld Flip Frenzy - 5th
153rd Dave Porter Mackay, QLD 2892nd 34.5 North Qld Tropical Winter Pinb - 1st
154th Jordan Wardle 2893rd 34.49 Stern Army - Pinball Paradise - 2nd
155th Nick Rusis Brisbane, QLD 2899th 34.4 Yeerongpilly Super League - 1st
156th Travis Johnson Lismore, NSW 2935th 33.75 ACS 2020 Matchplay side event - 2nd
157th Michael Dodt 2951st 33.48 Brisbane Pinball Club - 6th
158th Marc Bell Sydney, NSW 2959th 33.35 System 11 World Championship - 6th
159th Stuart McLean Melbourne, FL 2980th 32.82 Cooly 3 Strike - 11th
160th James Drury Brisbane, QLD 2998th 32.58 AMD Noosa Festival Of Pinball - 7th
161st Lindsay Dawtrey 3019th 32.21 MSL Flip Frenzy @ Flipout - 2nd
162nd Steve Edwards Newcastle 3023rd 32.17 SHPC Classics - 5th
163rd Adam Barrow Wagga Wagga 3033rd 32.09 ACT Pinball Championship - 1st
164th Grant Christophers 3034th 32.06 West End Wizards Monthly Comp - 2nd
165th Jason Millhouse Brisbane, QLD 3053rd 31.79 Pincadia Strikes - 4th
166th Naiomi Goodwin Newcastle 3061st 31.58 ACS Mini Tournament - 2nd
167th Stephen Vari Adelaide, SA 3079th 31.29 Adelaide Group Matchplay Tourn - 2nd
168th Tanya Lowe 3083rd 31.23 Cooly Classic 3 Strike - 15th
169th Greg McMahon 3088th 31.15 BM Flip Frenzy Sunday - 20th
170th Owen Williams QLD 3112th 30.64 Brisbane Pinball Club - 4th
171st Shane Archer 3128th 30.47 Coolangatta-Tweed Pinball Club - 1st
172nd Alan Deaner Townsville, QLD 3149th 30.12 Stern Army - Empire Monthly Mo - 2nd
173rd Dane Stotschek 3150th 30.09 Sneaky Wednesday By Sunshine C - 2nd
174th Simon Hui 3154th 30.04 Southern Hemisphere Pinball Ch - 12th
175th Alex Blundell Brisbane, QLD 3163rd 29.91 Pincadia Strikes - 4th
176th Justin Hallowes Sunshine Coast, QLD 3199th 29.45 Netherworld Flip Frenzy - 5th
177th David Holroyd AUS 3228th 28.98 Pinball Profile World Tour: Me - 7th
178th Daniel Stachowicz 3282nd 28.2 Brisbane Pinball Club - 10th
179th Keaton Jones 3295th 28.06 Sunshine Coast Pinball - Summe - 1st
180th Glen Charles 3298th 28.02 QLD State Pinball Championship - 15th
181st Adrian Wilson 3317th 27.83 Reality Games: A one night sta - 15th
182nd Scott Walsh Canberra, ACT 3322nd 27.74 ACT Pinball Championship Flip - 2nd
183rd Vincent Rossis Adelaide, SA 3329th 27.68 BM 3-Strikes - 11th
184th Andy Kay 3365th 27.21 Adelaide Pinball Hire SA Maste - 6th
185th Phil Dudley 3392nd 26.91 Brisbane Pinball Club - 6th
186th Mitch Wilkins Brisbane, QLD 3415th 26.66 ACS 2020 7-Strike warm-up - 16th
187th Anthony Agius 3430th 26.5 Coolangatta-Tweed Pinball Club - 1st
188th Dion Miksad 3454th 26.08 Solid State Saturdays @ Ryza's - 3rd
189th Colin Haslberger 3473rd 25.85 WESTEND WIZARDS MONTHLY COMP 2 - 2nd
190th Brodie Dixon 3499th 25.59 Matchplay @ Reality Games - 4th
191st Warwick Pearce Sydney, NSW 3513th 25.48 Wildball League - 1st
192nd Rob Britos 3527th 25.32 Bowland Pinball Challenge Grou - 1st
193rd Jason Lapping Sydney, NSW 3604th 24.38 Southern Hemisphere Pinball Ch - 4th
194th Stelios Michas Adelaide, SA 3617th 24.23 Balls of Steel - 2nd
195th Christian Nolan 3645th 23.9 QLD State Pinball Championship - 2nd
196th Axel Bendix Melbourne, VIC 3658th 23.74 Reality Games: A one night sta - 12th
197th Mick Paul 3665th 23.67 Pincadia Big Bash - 4th
198th Aaron Lambert Brisbane, QLD 3670th 23.61 Brisbane Pinball Club - 7th
199th Kris Anderson 3672nd 23.59 BM Fair Strikes - 25th
200th Darren Bonnett Adelaide, SA 3716th 23.25 Amusement Worx Group Matchplay - 2nd