Country Rankings for United States

This country has 24,473 players active in the rankings system.

Country Rank Name Location Overall Rank Points Best Tournament (last 3 years)
601st Stanley Sowa Jr Chicago, IL 1069th 104.21 Sunday Best - November Tournam - 1st
602nd Wesley Johnson College Station, TX 1070th 104.16 Bat City Open Flip Frenzy 2019 - 6th
603rd Austin Chenelle Pittsfield, NH 1071st 104.05 New England Pinball League - 4th
604th Will Heaney Cleveland, OH 1072nd 103.88 Kidforce Collectibles Pinball - 2nd
605th Blake Mitchell Seattle, WA 1073rd 103.58 Northwest pin fest - 4th
606th Al Neumann DeLand, FL 1074th 103.51 Beast LAir Annual Open House - 4th
607th Scott Smith SC Duncan, SC 1076th 103.24 fellowship of the silver ball - 1st
608th Cody Miller FL Jacksonville, FL 1077th 103.1 The Pinball Lounge Three Strik - 3rd
609th Rob Pannell Richmond, VA 1078th 103.06 Pinholics Anonymous - 4th
610th Kengtai Ko VA 1079th 103.06 Pinholics Anonymous - 2nd
611th Janel Valdez Phoenix, AZ 1081st 102.91 Stern Army - Tilt Studio Tempe - 4th
612th Andrew Stevens Amherst, MA 1082nd 102.82 NEPL - 12th
613th Gilles Melanson Sterling, VA 1083rd 102.15 Pinholics Anonymous - 2nd
614th Brian Uplinger Pittsburgh, PA 1085th 101.94 Pittsburgh Pinball League - 7th
615th Collier Whitefield San Antonio, TX 1090th 101.8 Bat City Open 2019 - 10th
616th Billy Roadifer Watauga, TX 1091st 101.76 DFW Pinball League - 1st
617th Matt Guay Lawrence, MA 1094th 101.63 Kickback Weekly Tournament - 4th
618th Simon Anixter 1095th 101.62 Golden State Pinball Festival - 15th
619th Mary Lopez Chandler, AZ 1097th 101.6 Starfighters Arcade Monthly - 4th
620th Bryan Butler NC 1100th 101.47 Fight Club - 1st
621st Jeffrey Cleary Orlando, FL 1101st 101.36 Al's Pinball Garage XXX strike - 1st
622nd Eric Heskett Houston, TX 1102nd 101.27 Space City Pinball: Monthly To - 2nd
623rd Adam Preszler 1105th 100.89 It Never Drains in Southern Ca - 17th
624th Ian Verschuren Cleveland, OH 1106th 100.82 Cleveland Pinball League - 4th
625th Maya Nigrosh Madison, WI 1109th 100.52 NEPL Season 19 - 12th
626th Will Long IN 1110th 100.46 Stern Army - Fort Wayne Pinbal - 1st
627th Steve Beno Green Bay, WI 1113th 100.09 TitleTown Pinball Twice A Mont - 1st
628th Marion Richards Kansas City, KS 1114th 99.98 Kansas City Pinball Championsh - 8th
629th Tara Henjum WI 1115th 99.92 TitleTown Pinball Twice A Mont - 3rd
630th Earl Lancaster Cleveland, OH 1116th 99.89 Cleveland Pinball & Arcade Sho - 8th
631st Heather Kendrick Lansing, MI 1118th 99.58 Fremont Pinball League - 4th
632nd David Paz Pembroke Pines, FL 1120th 99.52 Free Play Florida 2017 - 4th
633rd Chris Heilig Cowell, CA 1121st 99.37 California Extreme - 5th
634th Sam Bean Beavercreek, OH 1122nd 99.33 M-Brew 4 Strikes Tournament - 1st
635th Dave Bell Arlington, MA 1123rd 99.25 New England Pinball League #23 - 6th
636th Bill Taylor Cleveland, OH 1124th 99.17 Cleveland Pinball League - 4th
637th Jim Droski Kalamazoo, MI 1125th 99.04 Flip Well Pinball League - 1st
638th Jeremy Herrman San Francisco, CA 1127th 98.98 San Francisco Pinball Departme - 2nd
639th Mike Havens Essex, VT 1128th 98.97 North Star Fall Classic 2019 - 1st
640th Todd Reynolds 1129th 98.94 fellowship of the silver ball - 1st
641st Greg Dunlap Portland, OR 1131st 98.79 Portland Winter Cup - 4th
642nd Joel Basta Pittsburgh, PA 1134th 98.6 Pre-Pinmasters Tournament at 1 - 3rd
643rd Joe Farnsworth Nashville, TN 1139th 98.18 No Quarter: Weekly Strikes - 1st
644th Bryon Estes Middletown, NY 1142nd 97.95 Catskill Classic Pinball Tourn - 1st
645th Preston Pywell Wichita, KS 1143rd 97.9 Pinapalooza - 3rd
646th Max Koeckeritz Shawnee, KS 1145th 97.41 Pinburgh Match-Play Championsh - 258th
647th Jeff Mack Harrisburg, PA 1146th 97.35 First State Flippers March Mad - 5th
648th Seth Clayter Portland, ME 1147th 97.33 NEPL - 5th
649th Sean Spindler Madison, WI 1148th 97.28 Midwest Pinball Championship - 9th
650th Charlie Itt Fort Wayne, IN 1151st 97.18 Stern Army - Fort Wayne Pinbal - 2nd
651st Ron Benoit Bloomfield, CT 1154th 97.11 CRAP Connecticut Rhode Island - 4th
652nd Andy Ginthum Appleton, WI 1155th 96.95 TitleTown Pinball Twice A Mont - 2nd
653rd Tyler Campbell Nashville, TN 1157th 96.76 No Quarter: Last Chance Saloon - 1st
654th Erich Stinson 1158th 96.68 Space City Pinball League - 1st
655th Brian Bannon St. Louis, MO 1161st 96.58 CP Pinball Winter Bash - Year - 1st
656th Mike Capone CT 1162nd 96.51 CRAP Connecticut Rhode Island - 3rd
657th Dave Halley 1164th 96.36 Pinburgh Satellite - Starfight - 4th
658th Jake Peterson Baltimore, MD 1166th 96.2 Pinholics Anonymous Pinabler T - 1st
659th Rodney Comegys Exton, PA 1167th 96.09 PinFest IFPA Tournament - 20th
660th Andy Obelnicki West Hartford, CT 1168th 96.02 Sanctum Weekly Knockout - 1st
661st Tom Vandenberg Dayton, IN 1170th 95.84 KingPin Sunday @ Tappers - 2nd
662nd Nathan Goett Columbia, MO 1171st 95.76 Padavans Summer Pinball Tourna - 1st
663rd Scott Sidley 1173rd 95.44 Pinholics Anonymous - 4th
664th Chris Nosiglia Syracuse, NY 1174th 95.4 Intergalactic Pinball Champion - 15th
665th Chris Wright TN Nashville, TN 1177th 95.03 No Quarter: August Selfie Leag - 1st
666th Barry Roberts Pickerington, OH 1179th 95 League Super Awesome - 3rd
667th Keith Bittner Saint Paul, OR 1181st 94.96 Stern Army - Silverball Saturd - 1st
668th John Garnett Issaquah, WA 1184th 94.79 Stern Army Jurassic Park Launc - 2nd
669th Kris Fast Portland, OR 1186th 94.65 The Northwest Oh-Pin - 2nd
670th Austin Smith NYC New York, NY 1189th 94.39 NYC Pinball Championships 2018 - 1st
671st Evan Williams Ann Arbor, MI 1193rd 94.26 Pinball at the Zoo - 10th
672nd Peace Nick Mann Pittsburgh, PA 1195th 94.2 Pittsburgh Pinball Open - 15th
673rd Josh Grutza WI 1196th 94.06 TitleTown Pinball December 201 - 4th
674th Sean Mcdonald WA Bremerton, WA 1197th 94 NWPAS Satellite: Bremerton Bat - 1st
675th Robert Montanez Austin, TX 1199th 93.67 Texas Pinball League - 11th
676th Karl Lind Portland, OR 1200th 93.66 Portland Winter Cup - 6th
677th John Hegele Charleston, SC 1205th 93.49 fellowship of the silver ball - 1st
678th Joshua Henderson Corpus Christi, TX 1208th 93.24 Pinvasion - 4th
679th Elizabeth Gieske 1209th 93.21 Recbar Weekly Tournament - 1st
680th Art Dodd Glendale Heights, IL 1211th 93.1 King of the Fox Pinball Tourna - 1st
681st Brad Ladutko 1212th 93.03 White Rose IFPA Pinball Tourna - 4th
682nd Karl Luhrs McFarland, WI 1213th 93.02 It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Pinball - 4th
683rd Kim Coghill Logansport, IN 1214th 92.97 Stern Army - Fort Wayne Pinbal - 1st
684th David Aceto Portland, ME 1215th 92.89 NEPL - 7th
685th Ken Truax Louisville, KY 1216th 92.79 Louisville Arcade Expo X Satur - 4th
686th Joe Schober Great Falls, VA 1217th 92.78 Fulton Pinball Tournament - 4th
687th Brad Deshong Pasadena, MD 1218th 92.78 Pinholics Anonymous Pinabler T - 2nd
688th Eric MoralesĀ  Renton, WA 1219th 92.56 Seattle Pinball Super League - 7th
689th Alex Tada Bellevue, WA 1222nd 92.4 NW Pinball Championships - 4th
690th Kyle Odonohue Kalamazoo, MI 1223rd 92.39 Flip Well Pinball League - 1st
691st Simon Beno 1225th 92.25 Midwest Pinball Championship - 4th
692nd Wil Biddle Lafayette, CO 1226th 92.18 MHPL-Denver/Up Yours League - 1st
693rd Bob Dull 1228th 92.08 Stern Army - Fort Wayne Pinbal - 1st
694th Zach Domitrowich Tempe, AZ 1230th 91.91 Starfighters Arcades for Autis - 2nd
695th Jason Humphrey Midland, MI 1231st 91.85 Pinburgh Match-Play Championsh - 410th
696th Chris Campbell CA Anaheim, CA 1232nd 91.81 It Never Drains in Southern Ca - 16th
697th Bob S. Johnson Fairfax Station, VA 1233rd 91.79 And a pickled egg - 8th
698th Jeff Gavril Louisville, KY 1235th 91.76 Recbar Weekly Tournament - 1st
699th Ed Williams WV Moundsville 1239th 91.72 Fight Club - 1st
700th Jay Marks Seattle, WA 1243rd 91.45 Seattle Pinball Super League - 3rd