Country Rankings for United States

This country has 24,473 players active in the rankings system.

Country Rank Name Location Overall Rank Points Best Tournament (last 3 years)
401st Nint Hoo 743rd 143.75 Sunshine Laundromat Pinball Le - 2nd
402nd Matt Walton Eugene, OR 745th 143.43 Portland Pinbrawl - 7th
403rd Chris Newsom Barboursville, VA 747th 142.96 Pinholics Anonymous - 3rd
404th John Finnegan Tucson, AZ 748th 142.89 Recbar Weekly Tournament - 1st
405th Howard Levine Mountain Dale, NY 749th 142.74 Rock Fantasy IFPA Winter Open - 1st
406th Mitchell Curtis 750th 142.67 New England Pinball League - 4th
407th Darin Lange Des Moines, WA 753rd 142.54 8-Bit Player of the Month - 1st
408th Matt Gauslin Cincinnati, OH 754th 142.52 Pincinnati Strike-Out Tourname - 5th
409th Kyle Smith 755th 142.45 Intergalactic Pinball Champion - 20th
410th Michael Hosier Folsom 757th 142.26 Capitol Corridor Pinball Leagu - 1st
411th Olivia Helm Chandler, AZ 759th 141.7 Tilt Studio Tempe Pinball Leag - 1st
412th Cody Webb Westerville, OH 760th 141.58 Stern Army Silverball Super Le - 1st
413th Kevin Duffy MA Waltham, MA 761st 141.23 Opening Bash - 1st
414th Mark Hagen Madison, WI 766th 140.89 Appleton MatchPlay Championshi - 2nd
415th Andy Cobb Portland, OR 767th 140.74 The Northwest Oh-Pin - 2nd
416th Chuck Jackson Chicago, IL 768th 140.71 HOPS League - 1st
417th Jon Shaiman 769th 140.28 Emerald City Cup - 1st
418th Philip Salminen Midland, MI 771st 139.61 Fremont Pinball League - 2nd
419th Andrew Skelton Charlotte, NC 773rd 139.33 Abari Pinball Tournament - 1st
420th Bobby Saylor Cleveland, OH 775th 139.02 Kidforce Collectibles Pinball - 3rd
421st Spencer DesRoches Gaithersburg, MD 777th 138.88 PinBaltimore: Baltimore City P - 2nd
422nd Corey Stup Louisville, KY 778th 138.88 Recbar Weekly Tournament - 1st
423rd Phil Cridlebaugh Kansas City, KS 779th 138.79 IFPA Pin-Masters - 9th
424th Deb Dull Fort Wayne, IN 780th 138.69 Stern Army Elvira Launch Party - 2nd
425th Chris Point CT 783rd 138.19 CRAP Connecticut Rhode Island - 9th
426th Lyman Sheats Hoffman Estates, IL 784th 138.09 European Pinball Championship - 10th
427th Tim Peterson Rockville, MD 786th 137.68 Never Cry VÜK in a Knockout - 1st
428th Shannon Schreier Glen Burnie, MD 787th 137.61 Snow Brawl 2019 - 1st
429th Neal Joslyn Bremerton, WA 788th 137.58 Shortys Annual Pinball Tournam - 12th
430th Mark McColpin Kansas City, MO 790th 137.3 Dory Hill Campground Pinball C - 3rd
431st Chad Lower Oklahoma City, OK 794th 136.53 Texas Pinball Festival Classic - 10th
432nd Jesse Carpenter Green Bay, WI 799th 136.04 TitleTown Pinball Twice A Mont - 4th
433rd Jessica DeNardo Portland, OR 800th 135.83 Cooly Classic - 3rd
434th Robbie Orsino Lansdale, PA 802nd 135.59 Philly Flip Frenzy Tournament - 1st
435th Jeff Dillaman Seattle, WA 804th 135.08 Seattle Pinball Super League - 1st
436th Mark Carvey Charlestown, RI 805th 134.93 Sanctum Weekly Knockout - 3rd
437th Phil Zimmerman Nashville, TN 807th 134.58 No Quarter: Weekly Knockout - 1st
438th Dan Newman Sandy, UT 808th 134.56 Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdow - 3rd
439th Brandon Brocius Nashville, TN 810th 134.33 Grand Ogre Matchplay - 1st
440th Marc Gammons Houston, TX 814th 133.87 Texas Pinball League - 6th
441st Sagel Frazier Seattle, WA 816th 133.64 It Never Drains In Southern Ca - 5th
442nd Jeff Hart Portland, OR 821st 133.01 Portland Winter Cup - 2nd
443rd Chris Fogel Fort Wayne, IN 823rd 132.65 Stern Army - Fort Wayne Pinbal - 1st
444th Mike Ridgeway Loomis, CA 825th 132.45 Texas Pinball Festival Classic - 2nd
445th Scott August West Bloomfield Township, MI 827th 132.25 Cleveland Pinball and Arcade S - 7th
446th Greg Knight Louisville, KY 828th 132.24 Recbar Weekly Tournament - 1st
447th Derek Lipkin San Francisco, CA 830th 131.87 San Francisco Pinball Departme - 11th
448th Mike Welsh San Diego, CA 831st 131.42 Pinball at the Lake - 3rd
449th Scott Kutheis 832nd 131.37 NeanderTron - Strike 1 - 2nd
450th Jon Soares Phoenix, AZ 834th 130.71 Stern Army - Tilt Studio Tempe - 6th
451st Eric White Evansville, IN 836th 130.68 HOPS League - 4th
452nd Greg Davis Phoenix, AZ 841st 130.1 Zapcon - 2nd
453rd Nathan Hart Denver, CO 842nd 129.72 Dory Hill Campground Pinball C - 3rd
454th Thomas Urban Portland, OR 843rd 129.63 BM Classics Matchplay - 11th
455th Carter Crews Fenton, MO 844th 129.21 Silver Ballroom League - 1st
456th Keith Alyea Lafayette, IN 845th 129.19 HOPS League - 2nd
457th Justin Rausch Manitou Springs, CO 846th 129.17 Dory Hill Campground Pinball C - 1st
458th Dave Andersen CO Fort Collins, CO 847th 129.03 Dory Hill Campground Pinball C - 4th
459th Nathan Haas Denver, CO 848th 128.7 1up Colfax Monthly Pinball Tou - 1st
460th Joe DeCleene Suamico, WI 850th 128.58 TitleTown Pinball Twice A Mont - 2nd
461st John Hartman 851st 128.49 Last Chance WPPR Grab - 2nd
462nd Jake Kolojejchick Pittsburgh, PA 852nd 128.48 Pittsburgh Pinball Open - Clas - 5th
463rd Jason Collard Scottsdale, AZ 853rd 128.04 Stern Army - Tilt Studio Tempe - 2nd
464th Josh Craig Salt Lake City, UT 854th 127.99 It Never Drains in Southern Ca - 18th
465th Jonathan Soon CA 855th 127.65 It Never Drains in Southern Ca - 9th
466th Tim Ellis Louisville, KY 857th 127.51 Zanzabrawl - 1st
467th Wesley Worosello Phoenix, AZ 858th 127.38 Stern Army - Tilt Studio Tempe - 2nd
468th Nate Luke Indianapolis, IN 859th 127.17 Indy Championship Series - Bla - 1st
469th Holly Koskinen Columbus, OH 860th 126.99 Stern Munsters Launch Party - - 1st
470th Brian Dominy Boca Raton, FL 862nd 126.65 Beasts Lair Annual Open House - 2nd
471st Kim Martinez Columbus, OH 863rd 126.65 Kidforce Collectibles Pinball - 12th
472nd Jackson Fry Fort Collins, CO 865th 126.41 Dory Hill Campground Pinball C - 5th
473rd Corey Hulse Schwenksville, PA 866th 126.39 Jays Place New Years Eve Party - 1st
474th Susan Staed Green Bay, WI 870th 126.09 TitleTown Pinball December 201 - 4th
475th Alex Lambert Roseville, CA 871st 126.03 Golden State Pinball Festival - 11th
476th Eric Fear Indianapolis, IN 872nd 125.92 NKY Pinball Open - 1st
477th Justin Dority Nashville, TN 874th 125.55 Grand Ole Ogre Gameroom Matchp - 7th
478th Bruce Nightingale Rochester, NY 877th 125.31 Stomp 3 The Search for more St - 1st
479th Bryan Eastman Seattle, WA 878th 125.3 NWPAS Satellite: Georgetown Fl - 1st
480th Brandon Rangel Eugene, OR 879th 125.23 The Northwest Oh-Pin - 1st
481st Scott Durfee Midlothian, VA 880th 125.19 Pinholics Anonymous - 2nd
482nd Mike Szilagyi OH 884th 124.62 Kidforce Collectibles Pinball - 5th
483rd Daniel Gilbert Trappe, PA 885th 124.37 PinFest IFPA Tournament - 12th
484th Tim Kerro OH 886th 124.33 Kidforce Collectibles Pinball - 8th
485th Matthew Carlson New York, NY 887th 124.11 Stern Army - Sunshine Pinball - 3rd
486th Carl Reedy Jacksonville, FL 890th 124.05 Pinvasion - 9th
487th Aaron Cooke OH 891st 124.02 Bald and Pinball 4 Strikes Cha - 1st
488th Kevin Birrell Seattle, WA 893rd 123.86 Shortys Annual Pinball Tournam - 1st
489th Scott Nash 894th 123.8 Never Cry VÜK in a Knockout - 1st
490th Malik Berger Richmond, VA 895th 123.71 Magfest Pinball Tournament - 6th
491st Jay Bondelli 896th 123.69 Stern Army - Tilt Studio Tempe - 3rd
492nd Joseph Nebus Lansing, MI 897th 123.38 Fremont Pinball League - 1st
493rd David Horner Fairfax, VA 898th 123.13 Pinholics Anonymous - 1st
494th Steve Marsh New York, NY 900th 122.96 Super Duper Grover - 1st
495th Kirby Rients Apollo Beach, FL 901st 122.92 Beast LAir Annual Open House - 3rd
496th Harry Jackson 905th 122.55 NYC PInball Championships - 21st
497th Chris Dirga CT 907th 122.15 CRAP Connecticut Rhode Island - 2nd
498th Victor Scelba VA 908th 122.14 OBX Flippers Charity Classics - 2nd
499th Matt Christensen AZ Tucson, AZ 909th 122.06 Starfighters Arcade Monthly - 2nd
500th Keith Richter Atoka, TN 910th 121.98 Grand Ole Ogre Gameroom Matchp - 12th