Country Rankings for United States

This country has 24,473 players active in the rankings system.

Country Rank Name Location Overall Rank Points Best Tournament (last 3 years)
301st Matt Currie Portage, MI 573rd 171.48 Stern Army - Fort Wayne Pinbal - 1st
302nd Todd Seaver Saginaw, MI 576th 170.53 Cleveland Pinball and Arcade S - 8th
303rd Emily May Hamden, CT 577th 170.47 New England Pinball League #23 - 2nd
304th Ed Most Vienna, VA 578th 170.39 Stern Army - Summer Slam '19! - 4th
305th Chad Hobbs Cincinnati, OH 579th 170.34 Level One Replay FX Sponsorshi - 4th
306th Stephanie Traub Washington, DC 582nd 169.92 Fairfax Pinball Open - 1st
307th Ovid Dillard Cary, NC 583rd 169.78 Stern Army - Cycle to the Sea - 1st
308th Dan Toft Rochester, MN 584th 169.3 Intergalactic Pinball Champion - 4th
309th Luca Varriale San Diego, CA 586th 168.79 Stern Army - Pin’s & Pirates J - 1st
310th Ben Clement Marana, AZ 587th 168.69 It Never Drains in Southern Ca - 8th
311th Frank Wallace 588th 168.57 New England Pinball League #23 - 4th
312th Steven Griffin Lodi, CA 589th 168.32 It Never Drains in Southern Ca - 5th
313th Augustus Eustis Somerville, MA 590th 167.9 NEPL - 3rd
314th Anthony Lambos Jr Hamburg, NJ 591st 167.76 CRAP Connecticut Rhode Island - 2nd
315th Adam Horton Phoenix, AZ 592nd 167.41 Starfighters Arcade Monthly - 2nd
316th Mark Moore IN Ligonier, IN 593rd 167.26 Stern Army - 2019 Fort Wayne P - 1st
317th Andy Burton Seattle, WA 595th 167.14 Seattle Pinball Super League - 3rd
318th Matt Boschert 598th 166.19 CRAP Connecticut Rhode Island - 1st
319th Leslie Ruckman CA 601st 165.67 Blizzard Masters Flipper Frenz - 9th
320th Eric Marz Williston, VT 602nd 165.64 New England Pinball League - 2nd
321st Mark Larson 604th 165.61 Tilt Monthly Pinball Party - 1st
322nd Francis Parks Rockville, MD 610th 164.87 Pinholics Anonymous - 3rd
323rd Braden Gentry Auburn, AL 611th 164.66 Pinvasion - 4th
324th Dean Grover Strasburg, CO 613th 163.87 Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdow - 1st
325th Jay Steinberg NJ 615th 163.6 Silverball Rumble at Pintastic - 4th
326th David Schumeister Philadelphia, PA 616th 163.41 Jays Place New Years Eve Party - 2nd
327th Megan Brown Cleveland, OH 617th 163.13 Kidforce Collectibles Pinball - 5th
328th Steven Schulte Louisville, KY 618th 163.13 KingPin Sunday @ Tappers - 1st
329th Jokton Strealy Los Angeles, CA 620th 162.82 It Never Drains in Southern Ca - 24th
330th Matt Schwab Pittsburgh, PA 624th 161.15 Pittsburgh Pinball League - 5th
331st Andy Cushman North Syracuse, NY 625th 160.91 Buffalo Pinball Summer Open - 12th
332nd DJ Toth Cleveland, OH 626th 160.78 Cleveland Pinball League - 4th
333rd Mark Ten Haken Green Bay, WI 627th 160.72 TitleTown Pinball Twice A Mont - 2nd
334th Sean Stewart 629th 160.31 Kansas City Pinball Championsh - 2nd
335th Peter Goeben WI 633rd 160.15 TitleTown Pinball Twice A Mont - 2nd
336th Kevin McCarthy Conifer, CO 634th 160.04 Rocky Mtn Pinball Showdown - 2nd
337th James McFatter Canton, MA 635th 160.04 NEPL - 5th
338th David Morell 636th 159.6 Northwest Pinball and Arcade S - 10th
339th Walter dony Phoenix, AZ 638th 159.17 Starfighters Arcade Monthly - 1st
340th Jon Salzman 639th 159 Emerald City Cup - 3rd
341st Molly Oury IN 640th 158.88 Stern Army - Fort Wayne Pinbal - 1st
342nd Mike Frasca Baltimore, MD 641st 158.86 Stern Army : Snow Brawl 2020 - 5th
343rd ZACHARY FREY Rochester, NY 642nd 158.8 White Rose IFPA Pinball Tourna - 1st
344th Chuck Sanderson 643rd 158.77 CP Pinball Winter Bash - Year - 3rd
345th Jim Smith AZ Phoenix, AZ 645th 158.58 Starfighters Arcade Monthly - 3rd
346th Nathan Eppley New Cumberland, PA 649th 158.31 F.S.F. 24-Hour Legacy of the - 3rd
347th Patrick Vandeneng Green Bay, WI 651st 157.96 TitleTown Pinball Winter 2X Kn - 6th
348th Adam Turgeson Coon Rapids, MN 652nd 157.87 Appleton Strikeout Tournament - 4th
349th Rick Knopik Evansville, IN 654th 157.45 High Score Saloon Weekly Tourn - 1st
350th Allison ONeill San Francisco, CA 655th 157.13 San Francisco Pinball Departme - 1st
351st Eric German Kansas City, MO 656th 157 KCGameCON Pinball Championship - 1st
352nd Marco Vendetti MI 657th 156.63 Chesterfield Tournaments - 1st
353rd Tanner Wade Bartlett, TN 659th 156.44 Grand Ole Ogre Gameroom Matchp - 2nd
354th Doru Zuba Potomac, MD 660th 155.67 Ocelot Brewing - 2nd
355th Cory Westfahl Houston, TX 661st 155.56 Texas Pinball League - 8th
356th Connor Shlatz Burlington, VT 662nd 155.53 NEPL Season 21 - 6th
357th Rick Prince PA 665th 155.1 Pinburgh Match-Play Championsh - 13th
358th David Muscutt Prospect, KY 666th 154.92 Stern Munsters Launch Party - - 1st
359th Jeff Debock Seattle, WA 668th 154.6 Seattle Pinball League - 2nd
360th John Hurd NJ Erma, NJ 672nd 153.78 PinFest IFPA Tournament - 15th
361st Al Thomka Pittsburgh, PA 675th 153.61 Pittsburgh Pinball League - 4th
362nd Tyler Becker 676th 153.46 Silver Ballroom League - 2nd
363rd Eric Russell CNY North Syracuse, NY 678th 152.67 Buffalo Pinball Summer Open - 4th
364th Dennis Eichhorn Irvine, CA 679th 152.32 Jurassic Park Launch Party - 1st
365th Algird Lisaius 680th 152.26 2nd Annual Portland Winter Cup - 2nd
366th Luke Sheahan Champaign, IL 683rd 151.95 California Extreme - 2nd
367th Mike Miller CA Oakland, CA 684th 151.89 San Francisco Pinball Departme - 1st
368th Frankie Griffin Houston, TX 687th 151.6 Houston Heatwave - 1st
369th Tracy Lindbergh Chandler, AZ 688th 151.13 Starfighters Arcade Monthly - 1st
370th Dwayne Smith Boise, ID 689th 151.1 Treasure Valley Pinball League - 1st
371st Lee Balusek Conroe, TX 691st 150.9 Space City Pinball: Monthly To - 2nd
372nd Mark Bandong San Marcos, CA 694th 150.43 It Never Drains in Southern Ca - 9th
373rd Vincent Sperrazza Bremerton, WA 695th 150.13 8-Bit Arcade Monthly Pinball T - 5th
374th Jane Verwys Chicago, IL 697th 149.73 It Never Drains in Southern Ca - 21st
375th Zak Bowers Broadview Heights, OH 699th 149.34 Cleveland Pinball & Arcade Sho - 10th
376th Holly Danowski Meriden, CT 700th 149.32 Pre Final Battle Charity Tourn - 2nd
377th Ray Ford Austin, TX 701st 149.27 Texas Pinball League - 7th
378th Chase Hart Denver, CO 702nd 149.11 1up Colfax Monthly Pinball Tou - 1st
379th Robert Gaines Columbus, OH 705th 148.65 League Super Awesome - 6th
380th David Ziegler Kansas City, MO 707th 148.29 CP Pinball Winter Bash - Year - 5th
381st John Gimera Portland, OR 708th 148.27 Portland Pinbrawl - 4th
382nd Adam Higgins Denver, CO 709th 148.2 Borås Pinball Open 2017 - 7th
383rd Jay Robinson 711th 147.99 PinFest IFPA Tournament - 17th
384th Tyler Sutton Pittsburgh, PA 715th 146.86 Classics League 2019-2020 - 2nd
385th Joe Geneau St Augustine, FL 716th 146.76 Free Play Florida 2018 - 3rd
386th Nick Squires Auburn, IN 721st 146.2 Stern Army - Fort Wayne Pinbal - 6th
387th Carl Herceg Columbus, OH 722nd 146.14 League Super Awesome - 4th
388th Nic Shayko Parma, OH 723rd 146.06 Kidforce Collectibles Pinball - 8th
389th Eric Moberg West Warren, MA 726th 145.68 Sanctum Weekly Knockouts - 1st
390th Paul Robertson Portland, OR 727th 145.64 Northwest Pinfest 2019 - 1st
391st Michael Rausch Seattle, WA 728th 145.16 Shortys Annual Pinball Tournam - 4th
392nd Chris Cafaro 729th 145.1 Pinburgh Satellite Tournament - 2nd
393rd Dickie Hornaman Tacoma, WA 730th 145.08 Northwest Pinball and Arcade S - 4th
394th Heath Ashley Columbia, SC 731st 144.89 fellowship of the silver ball - 1st
395th Pete Tsipouras 733rd 144.29 First State April Affray (FSF - 1st
396th Michael Orrin Los Angeles, CA 734th 144.17 Los Angeles Super Selfie Leagu - 1st
397th Brian Garbera Midlothian, VA 735th 144.16 RPC Flipper Frenzy - 1st
398th David Barber Manassas, VA 738th 143.89 PinBaltimore: Baltimore City P - 6th
399th Ken Grant Pelzer, SC 740th 143.82 Pinburgh Satellite Tournament - 2nd
400th Wilson Rohrer WI 741st 143.82 TitleTown Pinball February 202 - 3rd