Country Rankings for United States

This country has 24,473 players active in the rankings system.

Country Rank Name Location Overall Rank Points Best Tournament (last 3 years)
101st Dominic Kacich St. Louis, MO 209th 292.01 It Never Drains in Southern Ca - 4th
102nd Todd Rafacz Seattle, WA 210th 291.19 NW Pinball Championships - 2nd
103rd Kevin Stone McLean, VA 211th 291.07 Pinholics Anonymous - 1st
104th Kevin Curtis Mesa, AZ 212th 290.97 Starfighters Arcade Monthly - 1st
105th Gabe Da Silveira Oakland, CA 213th 289.72 Intergalactic Pinball Champion - 3rd
106th John Miller MO St. Louis, MO 214th 289.68 SLAP 100,000 Pinball Tournamen - 2nd
107th Brian Shepherd Westerville, OH 215th 289.25 Pincinnati Strike-Out Tourname - 1st
108th Davey Plaisted North Stonington, CT 217th 289.1 PinFest IFPA Tournament - 2nd
109th John Shopple Mesa, AZ 218th 288.65 Stern Army - Tilt Studio Tempe - 1st
110th Ken Martin Coatsville, PA 219th 288.26 Portland Pinbrawl - 3rd
111th David Oliver San Diego, CA 226th 283.29 Texas Pinball Festival Wizards - 9th
112th Mark Meserve Austin, TX 227th 283.18 Texas Pinball League - 1st
113th Evan Bookbinder Pittsburgh, PA 229th 281.29 Pittsburgh Pinball League - 2nd
114th Chris Chinn Seattle, WA 230th 280.8 It Never Drains In Southern Ca - 4th
115th Fil Baird Washington, DC 231st 280.48 It Never Drains in Southern Ca - 10th
116th Paul Blanco Chandler, AZ 233rd 280.04 Stern Army - Tilt Studio Tempe - 1st
117th Sanjay Shah NJ 234th 277.02 Cleveland Pinball and Arcade S - 5th
118th Mike Pantoliano Seattle, WA 236th 276.7 Northwest Pinball and Arcade S - 4th
119th Aaron Grabowski Shelby Charter Township, MI 237th 276.47 Pinburgh Match-Play Championsh - 13th
120th Gene X Hwang San Francisco, CA 238th 274.75 Northwest Pinball and Arcade S - 2nd
121st Walt Lannis Pittsburgh, PA 240th 272.98 Pre Pinburgh Pin Masters - 4th
122nd Adam Cane New York 242nd 272.86 Sunshine Laundromat Pinball Le - 1st
123rd Mark Brown OH Cleveland, OH 243rd 272.64 Kidforce Collectibles Pinball - 2nd
124th Timothy Street 244th 272.38 Cleveland Pinball and Arcade S - 5th
125th Fred Cochran Pittsburgh, PA 247th 270.77 Pinball Expo Flip Out Tourname - 1st
126th Chris Wamsley New Albany, OH 252nd 268 Stern Army - Fort Wayne Pinbal - 1st
127th Brian Dodd Berea, OH 255th 266.13 Kidforce Collectibles Pinball - 1st
128th Per Schwarzenberger Tucson, AZ 256th 266.06 Golden State Pinball Festival - 1st
129th Bob Choate Philadelphia, PA 258th 264.22 PinFest IFPA Tournament - 9th
130th Sean Irby Seattle, WA 263rd 263.01 The Open - IFPA World Champion - 21st
131st Andrew Pancoast Suffolk, VA 268th 259.79 Pinholics Anonymous - 1st
132nd Nic Stein Davis, CA 269th 259.24 Golden State Pinball Festival - 4th
133rd Ken Kemp Collinsville, TX 272nd 258.65 Texas Pinball League - 4th
134th Nathaniel Gibson Royersford, PA 273rd 258.6 OBX Flippers Arcade 2017 Fall - 4th
135th Shannon Stafford Orange Park, FL 274th 257.62 OBX Flippers Arcade 2017 Fall - 2nd
136th Chris Tabaka Jackson, MI 276th 256.76 Pinball at the Zoo - 2nd
137th Bob Caldwell St. Louis, MO 277th 256.58 It Never Drains in Southern Ca - 3rd
138th Louise Wagensonner San Francisco, CA 278th 256.47 It Never Drains in Southern Ca - 2nd
139th Graham Stiver Fort Wayne, IN 279th 256.31 Stern Army - Fort Wayne Pinbal - 1st
140th Kevin Kuntz Richmond, VA 280th 255.78 Pinburgh Match-Play Championsh - 21st
141st Aaron Burke Cleveland, OH 281st 255.69 Kidforce Collectibles Pinball - 2nd
142nd Matthew Richardson Medford, NJ 283rd 255.33 First State Flippers DE Tour C - 1st
143rd Greg Pitner Burlington, WI 285th 254.6 TitleTown Pinball Sept 2019 Le - 1st
144th Neil Graf Appleton, WI 287th 254.2 TitleTown Pinball August 2019 - 2nd
145th Fred Revnew The Woodlands, TX 289th 253.82 Texas Pinball League - 4th
146th Alex Marino Oviedo, FL 290th 252.6 Beast LAir Annual Open House - 1st
147th Jason Bokor Beaver Falls, PA 291st 252.02 Pittsburgh Pinball Open - 1st
148th Josh Noble Columbia, MO 292nd 251.79 CP Pinball Winter Bash - Year - 2nd
149th Matthew Stacks Grand Rapids, MI 293rd 251.77 Intergalactic Pinball Champion - 13th
150th Mathew Peterson Portland, OR 295th 250.89 City Champ - 3rd
151st Nick Delehanty Chicago, IL 297th 249.96 NYC PInball Championships - 5th
152nd Henry Hanshaw Gilbert, AZ 299th 249.63 Starfighters Arcade Monthly - 1st
153rd Grant Mortenson Greenwood, AR 300th 249.22 It Never Drains in Southern Ca - 6th
154th Kevin Rodriguez Denton, TX 301st 249.22 Texas Pinball Festival Wizards - 7th
155th Ryan Odonnell CA Alameda, CA 304th 247.36 City Champ - 5th
156th Nick Mueller FL 305th 247.25 IFPA North American Pinball Ch - 2nd
157th Travis Hockemeyer Fort Wayne, IN 307th 246.94 Stern Army - Fort Wayne Pinbal - 2nd
158th Sean Davis Louisville, KY 311th 243.88 Pincinnati Matchplay Tournamen - 1st
159th Chris Compton 313th 243.78 City Champ - 4th
160th Joshua Franklin Fort Wayne, IN 314th 243.25 Stern Army Stranger Things Lau - 1st
161st Max Senesac Milwaukee, WI 316th 242.98 TitleTown Pinball October 2019 - 1st
162nd Tommy Skinner Lafayette, IN 317th 242.91 Pinburgh Match-Play Championsh - 16th
163rd Steve Zahler NY 318th 242.71 PinFest IFPA Tournament - 4th
164th Brad Holliday Round Rock, TX 320th 242.43 Texas Pinball Festival Wizards - 4th
165th Bryce Revnew The Woodlands, TX 322nd 241.53 Texas Pinball League - 2nd
166th Jason Rall Gilbert, AZ 323rd 241.2 Starfighters Arcade Monthly - 1st
167th raymond ashby Los Angeles, CA 324th 240.61 On Tilt IFPA League @ AYCE Gog - 1st
168th Jason Barre Mesa, AZ 326th 240.24 Starfighters Arcade Monthly - 1st
169th Roland Nadeau Oakland, CA 327th 240.17 California Extreme - 2nd
170th Dalton Ely Rockmart, GA 329th 239.69 Pinball Expo Flip Out Tourname - 14th
171st Austin Kemp Collinsville, TX 332nd 238.85 Texas Pinball League - 2nd
172nd Mark Lindbergh Chandler, AZ 334th 238.21 Northwest Pinball and Arcade S - 6th
173rd Jim Mueller Houston, TX 335th 237.38 Texas Pinball League - 2nd
174th Tony Pierce Thomasville, NC 336th 236.52 OBX Flippers Arcade 2018 Fall - 2nd
175th Tim McCool Seattle, WA 337th 235.83 Shortys Annual Pinball Tournam - 4th
176th Robert Cecil Sellersburg, IN 338th 235.56 Recbar Weekly Tournament - 1st
177th James Swain Jr. Hamden, CT 340th 235.25 New England Pinball League - 3rd
178th Steve Rolsing St. Louis, MO 341st 234.84 SLAP 100,000 Pinball Tournamen - 1st
179th Zoe Vrabel Portland, OR 342nd 234.55 Northwest Pinball and Arcade S - 4th
180th Dale Geiger VA 343rd 234.47 Pinholics Anonymous - 2nd
181st Steve Strom Elko, NV 346th 230.85 Texas Pinball Festival Classic - 1st
182nd Matt McCarty Neenah, WI 347th 230.75 TitleTown Pinball January 2020 - 4th
183rd Justin Day Glen Burnie, MD 348th 230.28 NYC Pinball Championships 2018 - 3rd
184th Jared Garvey Berkeley, CA 349th 229.67 City Champ - 6th
185th Howard Dobson Annapolis, MD 350th 229.17 NYC Pinball Championships - 6th
186th Ed Zeltmann East Stroudsburg, PA 352nd 228.54 Magfest pinball tournament - 1st
187th Chad Hastings DE 354th 228.12 White Rose IFPA Pinball Tourna - 1st
188th Willy Allen Maysville, KY 356th 227.75 Pincinnati Matchplay Tournamen - 3rd
189th Jay Collins Orange County, CA 358th 227.48 It Never Drains in Southern Ca - 8th
190th Kassidy Milanowski Appleton, WI 361st 225.96 TitleTown Pinball Tues Night C - 1st
191st Jack revnew The Woodlands, TX 364th 224.68 Space City Pinball: Monthly To - 1st
192nd Ryan McQuaid 365th 224.35 New England Pinball League #23 - 1st
193rd Pete Hendricks Washington, PA 366th 224.19 Pittsburgh Pinball League - 1st
194th Keri Wing Overland Park, KS 367th 224.07 Northwest Pinball and Arcade S - 6th
195th Michael Dawn Newport, KY 368th 224.06 Stern Deadpool Launch Party - - 1st
196th Steve Hill MO Kansas City, MO 369th 223.58 Kansas City Pinball Championsh - 4th
197th Sunshine Bon Columbia, MO 371st 222.02 Texas Pinball Festival Wizards - 11th
198th Ben Finkel Fort Wayne, IN 374th 221.24 Stern Army - $500 Wizard's Wor - 2nd
199th Evan Bingham Columbus, OH 375th 220.85 Intergalactic Pinball Champion - 13th
200th Brian Leuthner De Pere, WI 378th 220.03 TitleTown Pinball March Knocko - 1st