Rankings Changes

wppr_small.jpgIf you take a closer look to the right, you’ll see that the rankings have changed somewhat. The system itself has had a complete overhaul and there have been many rule changes in regards to what — and how — something is counted in the rankings. The site itself has had some tweaks done to make presenting the data easier and to help prepare for the full redesign of the site I have planned.

Going live with these rankings took longer than expected and for that, we apologize. The new system required testing various possibilities and we soon discovered some flaws that needed to be addressed.  Read on for a more detailed list of changes to the system.

For the new system, we wanted it to be based in mathematical formula and not just some prefixed set of points. The original system had all players bringing a ‘value of strength’ to a tournament they played in. We quickly discovered that this allowed large tournaments to overrun the rankings. Unfortunately this issue, plus many others required changes from our initial plans and the end result is sort of a hybrid of the old system with something that is actually calculated.
Changes to what is and is no longer counted:

  • Leagues are now included in the rankings. They are treated as a annual event.
  • Team based tournaments are no longer counted.
  • Monthly tournaments are rolled up by the year they are played in and are worth the same as a normal annual tournament.

Summary of calculation changes:

  • Each tournament is worth at least 25 points. PAPA, IFPA and EPC are at least worth 50.
  • Each player is worth “x” amount of points based on the ranking when entering a tournament.
  • Only the top 64 of each tournament are used to determine the strength of the tournament. This value is added to the base value.
  • Points that are rewarded are much more distributed from top to bottom. 10th place at PAPA is now worth something.
  • Except for PAPA, IFPA and EPC, events are capped at 50 points.

The end result is something we feel is fair to everyone and does more to separate those who play and those who only attend one or two events. We can go into more details later and if you have any questions, please send them to ifpapinball@gmail.com.

Yeah, we know Keith is not #1, but if you look at Jorian’s record — it’s pretty impressive too!

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  1. MIGDALIA says:

    Certainly. All above told the truth. We can communicate on this theme. Here or in PM.

  2. MIGDALIA says:

    Certainly. All above told the truth. We can communicate on this theme. Here or in PM.

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