PinBrawl 2014 @ PAPA 17

PINBRAWL1PinBrawl @ PAPA will be returning on Wednesday, August 13th, 2014, in conjunction with the PAPA 17 World Pinball Championships.

PinBrawl is the ultimate team pinball competition featuring teams of 4 players. Although the competition in PinBrawl is as fierce as any other tournament around, PinBrawl has always been about FUN first.

At the end of the day, PinBrawl is all about camaraderie. Competitive pinball is usually a solitary sport, and PinBrawl has made it possible to play in a group with your closest friends, and meet tons of other people throughout the matches during the tournament. Many players will say that it is the best tournament they’ve ever played in, so don't miss your chance to get in the action!

Registration for PinBrawl 2014 is $10 per player ($40 per team – payable on site). Click HERE to learn more about PinBrawl 2014, including how to sign up, format, rules and schedule.

3 responses to “PinBrawl 2014 @ PAPA 17”

  1. Virginia McWilliams Hendricks says:

    Is it four or five people? The first team looks to have five?

  2. IFPA - International Flipper Pinball Association says:

    4 people . . . Gentleman Jon is our spiritual advisor 🙂

  3. slamtilt says:

    Jon is their team logo

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