PinBrawl 2014 Champions – IFPAPA (Sponsored by MPE)!

IMG_1402.JPG14 teams competed in the 2014 PinBrawl World Team Pinball Championships, held Wednesday August 13th at PAPA HQ. After 3 qualifying rounds, IFPAPA (Sponsored by MPE), made up of [player]Doug Polka[/player] (ranked 1018th in the world), [player]Mark Steinman[/player] (ranked 215th in the world), [player]Zach Sharpe[/player] (ranked 3rd in the world) and [player]Josh Sharpe[/player] (ranked 20th in the world) earned a spot in the playoffs by winning POD #2.

In the Semifinal round IFPAPA (Sponsored by MPE) defeated Stoned Drunk! 70-47, and followed that up with a 64-53 victory in the Finals over the defending champion Beavis and the Pin-buttheads. [player]Zach Sharpe[/player] earned top honors as PinBrawl 2014's Most Valuable Player, earning 83 MVP points over the course of the tournament. Full results can be found HERE.

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  1. Evan Bingham says:

    Lemme at em!

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