Welcome to the IFPA NACS Registration Page!

This page is for tracking those who are attending the various North American Regionial Championships. If you have any questions regarding the North American Championship Series please go here for more information. Please note that this list is based on avalaible responses and a players status might change at any time. Those currently showing as 'Attending' may fall below the cutline at some point (and be added to a waitlist) as more people respond.

If you spot any errors with these pages, please drop us an email so we can get things corrected ASAP.

Registration is currently open, but final ranking standings will not be finalized until Janurary 4th, 2020, so ranking positions may change.

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Alberta (16)
Alabama (16)
Arkansas (16)
Arizona (16)
California (24)*
Colorado (24)*
Delaware (16)
Florida (24)*
Georgia (16)
Hawaii (0)
Iowa (16)
Idaho (16)
Illinois (16)
Indiana (24)*
Kansas (16)
Kentucky (16)
Louisiana (16)
Manitoba (16)
Maryland (24)*
Maine (16)
Michigan (24)*
Minnesota (16)
Missouri (16)
Montana (0)
Nebraska (16)
New Jersey (16)
New Mexico (16)
Nevada (16)
New York (24)*
Ohio (24)*
Oklahoma (16)
Ontario (24)*
Oregon (24)*
Pennsylvania (24)*
Quebec (16)
Tennessee (24)*
Texas (24)*
Utah (16)
Virginia (24)*
Vermont (16)
Washington (24)*
Wisconsin (24)*
Wyoming (16)

State/Provinces marked with an asterisk(*) will have 24 competitors.

Registration Status for British Columbia

The following is a list of ranked players for this state/province and their playing status. There were 125 events played by 461 unique players this year. This tournament will have 24 competitors.

Pos State Rank Player WPPR Rank Home State Status
Attending: 0 Committed: 0 Unknown: 0 Not Attending: 0