IFPA League and Tournament definitions

New for 2016, the IFPA is more clearly defining the differences between what we consider an endorsed “IFPA Tournament” and an endorsed “IFPA League”.

The IFPA will be managing two separate registration processes, one for “Tournaments” and one for “Leagues”. The IFPA Calendar will continue to only display “Tournaments”, while our IFPA Leagues page will show a list of all the active IFPA Leagues and the dates of their current season.

IFPA Leagues (Registration found HERE / Active season listing found HERE):

  • Can be private or require membership.
  • Involves the concept of a “season” where multiple sessions are held and results are tallied.
  • League season must be registered to the IFPA at least 30 days prior to the start of the season or it will not be endorsed.
  • When registering your league season, please include the Start Date and End Date in the submission, with all meeting dates in the comments of the submission.
  • Leagues CANNOT hold separate private tournaments for just their members.
  • Leagues have the option to submit season results based on the regular season standings OR standings after any Finals/Playoff, but not both (assuming the regular season has direct play – if it doesn’t then it has to use the finals standings).
  • Leagues can no longer submit results after each session, because that defeats the purpose of what a “league season” is all about. Any league that’s interested in doing that is welcome to submit these sessions as TOURNAMENTS on the tournament calendar, and must be open for anyone to participate (see tournament rules below).
  • The IFPA will not endorse league seasons that start and end in December unless that submission is approved 30 days prior to the start of the league season.

IFPA Tournaments (Registration found HERE / Calendar found HERE):

  • Single Competitive Event.  Can be a single day, or over a period of time.
  • Open to anyone who wishes to attend, but no special treatment of players. Only limitations allowed:
    • Age restrictions due to legal requirements.
    • Number of Competitors – Due to tournament space,  length of tournament, etc.
  • Must be submitted to the IFPA Calendar 30 days prior to the event.
  • Can be held at private locations, but limited to 4 events per year.
    • Only events over 16 people will be eligible for points.

*Please note that any ‘Circuit/Series’ with a final tournament that consists of a predetermined closed group of players must be approved by the IFPA. This includes events like the State Championship Series, PAPA Circuit, IFPA World Pinball Championship, etc. Here is the criteria we will be using to evaluate that eligibility:

  • At least two different organizers or organizations must be involved in the circuit.
  • The number of events that occur at a single location must be proportional to the total number of events in the circuit, IE: if you run 10 events in a single location you need 10 other events in 10 other locations.  (Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis in developing areas)
  • The IFPA will only sanction Circuit/Series finals on an annual basis.

When you submit your circuit of events to the calendar you would submit each individual event and tag each event with the circuit name.  The circuit final calendar submission would need to include details about the format of the finals along with a website that has information on where to find the current circuit standings.

We feel that this will more accurately reflect a circuit of events and should increase the quality of events involved in any type of circuit.