Mats Runsten wins 2009 Balacs Pinball Party


The third Balacs Pinball Party event was with 68 players, featuring most of the top Swedish players and 3 top players from the Netherlands. Everybody qualified 2 attempts on 6 different machines (Attack from mars, Dirty harry, Banzai run, Pinball magic, NBA fastbreak & Indiana jones).

24 people advanced to a single elimination cup, where each match was played best-out-of-three. Mats Runsten beat Karl Brostrom (winner from 07 & 08) in the final and Jorian Engelbrektsson beat Markus Hugosson for third place.

In the classic tournament Jonas Henriksson beat Martin Tiljander in the final and Richard Nauta beat Frans Bergbom for third place. Picture left to right, Markus Hugosson (4th), Mats Runsten (1st), Jorian Engelbrektsson (2nd).

Great job everyone!

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