Level 257 Monthly Pinball Super League – Starts January 2016!

hqdefaultThe IFPA and Namco’s Level 257 are pleased to announce the start of a new monthly pinball ‘Super League’ at the Schaumburg Level 257 location in Woodfield Mall. The kickoff party tournament will take place on Tuesday, January 5th at 7pm.

Details for the kickoff party tournament:

Entry fee will be $5 plus the cost of games. Tournament format will be best game qualifying (100-90-85-84 scoring), with one attempt allowed on each machine. The top 4 players will advance to the finals to play a 3-game PAPA style final (40/30/20/10% payout).

Level 257 will be offering special “pinball game cards” which will allow IFPA players the ability to play the pinball machines on a per credit basis rather than having to purchase time cards to participate. These cards will be available for purchase at the front desk for $20, with each game available at $.75 per play starting January 5th and going forward.

Immediately following the kickoff party tournament, the LEVEL 257 MONTHLY PINBALL SUPER LEAGUE will officially begin. Qualifying will be available all month during business hours, with the finals of each month happening on the first Tuesday at 7pm (last qualifying game starts at 6:30pm the night of Finals). Players will be able to play as often as they want, with their highest submitted score being used for the qualifying standings for each game included in the tournament.

Here is how it will work:

STEP 1 – Fill out a registration form at the front desk and pay the $5 entry fee to join

STEP 2 Play anytime! Take pictures of  your best scores and email to  ifpapinball@gmail.com! All photos must include a picture of the player and their score on the display.

STEP 3 Follow along the LIVE standings at: http://www.neverdrains.com/level257

STEP 4 FINALS NIGHT! First Tuesday of every month at 7pm! Win cash and prizes! All participants from the month are invited to finals. The top 4 spots will play the “A” finals, next 4 in the “B” finals, next 4 in the “C” finals, etc. The winner of every division will win $10, with the remaining entry fees going to the top 4 finishers (40/30/20/10%). Should there be more than 40 players for the month the “A” division will feature the top 8 finalists instead of the top 4. Finals format will be PAPA style 3-game rounds.


4 responses to “Level 257 Monthly Pinball Super League – Starts January 2016!”

  1. germain says:

    where is level 257? Chicago area?

  2. George Prayr says:

    Too funny.   Wppr system has corrupted another organizer.  Have to play Super League to be in the top 100 now it seems.  They are feeling the pressure of can’t beat them, join them.

  3. Josh Sharpe Josh Sharpe says:

    Yep. Schaumburg in the NW suburbs of Chicago. About 25 minutes from O’harr for anyone looking to fly in every month 😉

  4. Josh Sharpe Josh Sharpe says:

    At least I can now say I’m the President and also a Super League client 😉

    The main motivation is partnering with the location to try and increase the collections of the games over the course of the month. We’ll see if this has a positive impact on the cash box.

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