IFPA’s Player of the Month/Biggest Movers for Dec2017/Jan2018/Feb2018!

Here are the December 2017, January 2018 and February 2018 IFPA winners for Player of the Month and Biggest Movers:

Player of the Month:
December 2017 – Ernö Rotter (115.37 WPPR’s)
January 2018 – Aaron Grabowski (131.59 WPPR’s)
February 2018 – Johannes Ostermeier (84.77 WPPR’s)

Biggest Movers:
December 2017 – Tyler Goad (+16,013 spots), Andy Pickens (+10,722 spots) and Matt Deibert (+10,345 spots)
January 2018 – Cheryl Jarosz (+10,318 spots), Rick Nordeen (+8851 spots) and Jay Adelson (+6581 spots)
February 2018 – Evan Boswell (+17,476 spots), Bobby Campbell (+17,012 spots) and David Krueger (+14,825)

These players have now all qualified for the Stern Rewards Program for 2018. Congrats to everyone!

One response to “IFPA’s Player of the Month/Biggest Movers for Dec2017/Jan2018/Feb2018!”

  1. Scott Reppert says:

    Way to go Tyler Goad and Andy Pickens! Two of West Virginia’s BEST!!!

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