IFPA7 League Exemption at the Midwest Gaming Classic!

ifpa7.JPGThe 2010 Midwest Gaming Classic (March 27-28, 2010, Milwaukke, WI) will serve as a satellite event for players not yet qualified for IFPA 7. Besides the A-Division Open tournament, there will be another spot reserved for the highest finisher that was also a representative from an IFPA endorsed league. This satellite event will be open for any player ranked in the World Pinball Player Rankings as of the end of 2009, sent as a representative of an IFPA endorse league to the MGC to compete that has not yet qualified for IFPA 7 through the automatic bid process. For more details contact your league President or the IFPA directly.

We’re excited to announce the current list of participants. So far, IFPA Leagues are planning to send the following representatives:

Arizona Pinball Players League – Mark Pearson
Chicagoland Pinball League (A) – Dave Hegge
Chicagoland Pinbal League (B) – Don Coons
Chicagoland Pinball League (C) – Bryan Jozwiak
Dallas Fort Worth Pinball League – Eric Fisher
Jersey Pinball Association – Sanjay Shah
NYC Pinball League – Koi Morris
Orange County Pinball League – Ron Rezendes

Looks like a 1 in 8 chance at qualifying for the IFPA World Pinball Championship! Remember that there is also an additional spot open to all A division participants that have not yet qualified for IFPA7.

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