IFPA State Championship Series – June 2013 Update!

ifpa state championship series v2The IFPA State Championship Series has taken the competitive pinball world by storm here in the US. We currently have 28 states included in the SCS, which will all culminate in the IFPA State Championship finals. These finals will all be held simultaneously on February 8th, 2014, with 448 finalists competing for not only a State Championship title, but also a spot in the first IFPA US National Championship.

Nearly halfway through the 2013 season, and there are currently an astounding 2773 players included in the various IFPA State Championship standings (view current standings HERE).

With plenty of time left to qualify in the top 16, and plenty of time left to get more events started, we're excited to see how the second half of 2013 will shake up the various standings.

For those players north of the US border, the IFPA Canada Province Championship Series is also currently in progress. Current standings for the Canada PCS are available HERE.


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