Game Pride Pinball Tournament: Alessio Crisantemi wins the first pinball tournament in South Italy!

The competitive Pinball finally lands in South Italy!

In occasion of the Gaming Show Game Pride in Catania (Sicily), IFPA Italia, in collaboration with Fiera Game Pride and F.lli Landro (Who provided the pinball machines), organized a Pinball tournament on November 26th and 27th. The two days where structured with a PAPA style qualification round on all-day Saturday and Sunday morning, where the players had

to do their best on four machines, which were The Rolling Stones, The Sopranos, Terminator 3 and Lost in Space.

The top eight qualified for the finals on Sunday afternoon, and they were inserted in a single elimination bracket.

Top seed was Anna La Rocca, one of the four ladies registered in the tournament, followed by Alberto Giuffrida and Alessio Crisantemi. Anna though lost in the quarter finals with Sara Michelucci who found Michele Cirincione in the semifinal, semifinal played on Lost in Space. The other semifinal was played on The Sopranos between Crisantemi and Giuffrida. In the meantime, a single four-way game was played on Rolling Stones to determine the positions form 5th to 8th with Marco Platzgummer prevailing over Davide Cusinato, Massimo Fabris and Anna La Rocca. Rolling Stones was also used to determine the Game Pride Champion: Crisantemi defeated Cirincione taking his first win in the tournament. Giuffrida gained the third place defeating Michelucci on Famly Guy that was used for the consolation final.

Overall, as first time event and with very little publicity, the organizers were very satisfied and all players had a lot of fun, hoping that such events could take place more often in this Italian region.

Tournament results can viewed here.



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