Eden Stamm wins 2008 Canadian Pinball Championships

WPPR_Pic.JPGThe first ever Canadian Pinball Championships were held at the end of September in Toronto, Ontario. Almost 100 people participated in the event hoping to be Canada’s first national pinball champion… 2 days of qualifying on Stern’s latest games, Batman and Indiana Jones, resulted in the top 32 players moving on to match play. The top 16 became group A, and the remaining 16 became group B. Each match was best 2 out of 3 on the higher seed’s game choice…after several rounds of play, and some huge scores, the Finals match was between Eden Stamm (group A winner) and Michael Higginson (group B winner) in a best of 5 match on Indiana Jones. It came down to the 5th game of the set, but Eden Stamm pulled off the victory with his bonus to become the 2008 Canadian Pinball Champion!! Other top finishers included newcomer Zeus Manolis, Andrew Aiken, and Kirk Hutton.

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