IFPA’s Player of the Month/Biggest Movers for December 2021!

Here are the December 2021 IFPA winners for Player of the Month and Biggest Movers:

Player of the Month:
Arvid Flygare from Sweden (199.88 WPPR’s – MAIN)
Jane Verwys from Chicago, IL (17.34 WPPR’s – WOMEN’S)

Biggest Movers:
Ryan Hardy from Ashburn, VA (+12,487 spots)
Wendy Bourg from Baton Rouge, LA (+9870 spots)
Jeremy Smith from Baltimore, MD (+9119 spots)

These players have now all qualified for the Stern Rewards Program for 2021. Congrats to everyone!


One response to “IFPA’s Player of the Month/Biggest Movers for December 2021!”

  1. Emil ED Dreiborg says:

    LOOOOOOL, Arvid!
    Player of November, December and THE YEAR?! xD
    Looking forward to beating you tonight! 😛

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